Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property1.The use of personal information

All information of both individuals and companies is only used in the essential stage of IAI Design Award competition.
2.The use of entry information

The entry information contains images, along with the works ,and other applicants’ copyright information, but organizer will limit the use by regulations, such as review, necessary projects as well as other public activities can be used.
Basing on the respect for the winning entries, the organizer limited the use of the information as the followings: brief introduction of the yearbook, official website, public activities related to the awards, and correction according to the actual situation.

3.About the protection of intellectual property rights

1) Before releasing information, the organizers confirm works whether registered by applicants on their own to ensure its relevant rights and interests.
2) Duties of participants: for entry works, applicants must be responsible for damages related to intellectual property rights, property rights, such as design, quality, efficacy, safety, sales performance, structure, etc. The organizers do not undertake any responsibility for such damages. Applicants and other third party aiming at winning problems between any dispute organizers do not undertake any responsibility.
3) Awards can be revoked.

The following conditions occurs, the organizers shall have the right to withdraw the participating objects which have been granted the IAI Design Award allow special award and honors.

a) The winning entries for functional defects cause damages from happening, a certain influence on society.
b) The other party's intellectual property rights have been infringed by the winning entries judged, or design rights and other relevant rights and interests.
c) Don't follow the IAI (logo) guidelines for use of requirements, or to use the IAI (logo) without the permission of the organizer.

4.Competition will not damage the submitted design concept of intellectual property rights. Here are the reasons:

  1. 1) If design work didn't win, it will not be published, but still keep anonymous to the public.
    2) If the work got the prize because of notice results with the published works during at least two months, you will have plenty of time to protect the record.
    3) You can also apply even the award-winning works do not publish. At this time will only release your name and the title, and all design details will be confidential. You can still use the award-winning tags for the award-winning propaganda, but it can't publish in a yearbook, exhibition or potential media reported.
    4) If you are still worried about that competition could affect the intellectual property rights, we suggest you turn to lawyer for legal advice, or contact us to discuss your concerns.

    When displayed to judges, entries don't show the designer's name, photo or company logo,and entries also uses anonymous form to avoid possible bias to keep the review process fair and efficient. Also, Judges are academic leaders, design studio leadership or editor of publications,and they are not associated with the concept of the submitted.Suppose some judges are involved, they won’t participate in the review process.

    According to the strict policies, the judges of the IAI Design Award provide a fair and ethical selection. Besides, the judges are sworn to be fair and just to fulfill their duties.