Design News
Design News
    Most architects don’t even attempt the Mountain Cliff Hotel idea. It seems incredible, but poses some serious engineering risks. However that doesn’t stop us from creating concepts, does it! The Alps hotel may be conceptual, but it does make a bold attempt at designing something most architects try not to attempt.
  • Heatherwick's Floating Pier 55 in New York Officially Abandonded
    “New York City’s waterfront provides tremendous opportunities for everything from tourism to outdoor recreation, and Pier55 is the perfect example of how we can tap into that resource to build a more enjoyable city for all,” said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. “Building this new pier will greatly improve the Hudson River Parkland, and I thank the Diller – von Furstenberg family for their generosity and vision in the pursuit of a better New York.”
  • The Cylindrical glass construction
    If you were ever curious to see some of the works of the town.and.concrete architecture studio then you probably know how inventive they are with their designs. One of their creations is a concept for a house made of cylinders. It’s definitely an out-of-the-box idea but then again that’s what the studio does best. All their projects are unique. The buildings they design are out of this world and stand out in a dramatic way without being opulent. It’s the concepts at the base of the designs that are highly interesting and that makes this house unique and special at the core.
  • Tippet Rise Art Center
    Why are we impressed: how does a museum highlight art? Whether it is to use the building or simply locate the landmark in the open space, are on the "life" art experience.
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