Design News
Design News
  • Iosa Ghini Associates - Ferrari Store Milano (2015)
    Ferrari Store opens new flagship in heart of Milan Leading-edge technology delivers the perfect balance of shopping and Entertainment Maranello, 16 March 2015 Maranello 2015.3.16
  • MOD Newest Piece-100PP
    100PP is an office building, whose architecture we designed. 100PP Office Building, 12600 sqm, Built 2014, Singapore How can the generic office building typology be transformed to create a more distinctive building? Named 100PP, this is meant to be a creative epi-centre for the emerging black collar creative class, who are moving out of the CBD in waves, to more affordable light industrial districts, also with higher ceilings & larger floor plates.
  • Karan Grover ‘s Masterpiece- Residence for Mr.Atul Shroff
    The couple MR&Mrs Shroff are Vadodara’s most envied and admired couple who devoted a lot of time in uplifting the lives of Gujarat’s rural population.The needs of each family member are completely divergent from a carpentry workshop to a chef kitchen. The complexity of diverging.The plan was kept deceptively simple.And the idea was to use natural materials to create a warm inclusive home.The uniqueness of each wing had to be maintained while bringing out a feeling that it was a simple home.The interaction between the space inside and outside is extremely compelling and of great visual appeal.
  • Setsu Ito Master Piece -ILY I Movable Armchair
    Nowadays the world is extremely globalized. Cities are expanding fastly, and structures become oversized for humans, especially the public ones. This fact creates difficulties for the circulation of people inside the buildings. This is why people need alternative means of transport, because they are not able to move by walk. In addition to this, the increase of average age of population is not to be underestimated. Physical distances between people no longer coincide with the relationship between people. Human relations are based almost exclusively on virtual contacts. So often we feel closer to a person who is geographically distant from us, rather than we feel close to the person who is physically located next to us. The phenomenon of 'virtualization' of our lives, it is also the cause of a marked thinning of the private sphere.
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