Design News
Design News
  • 2023-IAI Awards Night Grand Documentary
    On June 24, 2023, as night fell, the beautiful Xinglin Bay was filled with festive atmosphere everywhere. Walking along the shady path into the Jimei Lake Haosheng Hotel, a huge red IAI visual image stood prominently on the lintel in the center of the hotel building, particularly eye-catching. Its logo design complemented this exquisite Minnan style building, showcasing the style of the IAI Award. The 14th/15th IAI Global Design Awards Ceremony will be held here grandly. Hundreds of design experts, IAI award-winning designers, government leaders, representatives of major media, universities, enterprises, and the cultural and artistic industry from both domestic and international sources will gather at the ceremony to witness the birth of various IAI Design Awards.
  • The building world of AI! The winners of the world's first artificial intelligence competition
    Research and design lab SPACE10 has announced the winners of its first-ever global design competition. The competition, which aims to re-imagine home environments using AI, received more than 250 entries from around the world. A jury of 10 globally renowned architects, designers, AI artists, journalists and creatives reviewed the submissions and selected four winners.
  • A city containing stars such as ZHA, OMA, MAD, and the 'capital city of the metaverse' METROTOPIA '
    Zaha Hadid Architects has teamed up with Chicago-based ArchAgenda to launch METROTOPIA. It is a unique virtual world and aims to be a virtual clearinghouse for the global design community.
  • Focus on 2023 Venice Biennale, discover more world possibilities
    The 18th edition of La BIennale di Venezia, one of the world's most prestigious biennials, opened on May 22nd and captured the world's attention. The event, curated by the Ghanaian-Scottish architect Lesley Lokko, Organized by La Biennale di Venezia, Africa, the most rapidly urbanizing continent on Earth, was chosen as the main character, with the theme of "Laboratory of the Future -- Africa", to explore the possibilities of architecture and imagine the future world.
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