Design News
Design News
  • This sustainable furniture collection is made from burnt cork
    Have you ever made a bulletin board from wine bottle corks? I thought that was the most creative use of corks instead of throwing them away but obviously I am no Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance! The French designer created a whole furniture set using burnt cork as the material and therefore the range is aptly called Burnt Cork. He uses discarded cork for the range, choosing different gradients and cork grain patterns to create a play between textures.
  • The new landmark on the Medellin highway--"Floating Box CCO"
    The CCO project is a road service center, the function of which is to create a meeting place for road users. It is conceived as a center where you will find points of recreation, rest and tourist information of the area. The project seeks to have a high social impact at a regional level, seeking to become a recognizable urban landmark in the area. This aims to promote the tourist development of La Pintada, which is being projected today as a seaside resort for visitors to Medellin.
  • Seven Buildings for Water Environment Improvement
    Improving the function and efficiency of water treatment infrastructure is one of the most effective ways to reduce water consumption and pressure on the urban environment.  For the violent climate change, global drought,etc., the require of the development of appropriate water recycling and purification facilities becomes an increasingly important mitigation strategy.
  • The Biggest Astronomy Museum,The Biggest Dream
    So far, The biggest planetarium in the world designed by Ennead Architectural Firm is opened in a wide green land in Shanghai.There is no straight line or right angle in this construction as to correspond to the shape of universe and the dynamic energy of celestial bodies in motion. It’s fairshaped form creates an immersive experience to tourists to feel the realest astronomy.
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