Design News
Design News
  • "The Monster" Zaha's legacy - Daxing International Airport
    The dead are eternal, and the living have love. When more people pay attention to Zaha's works and experiences, perhaps overlooking her other news moment that is rarely known by people. On May 14, 2016, Zaha's latest project and last submission of the contest "Dongdaemun Square" won the Grand Prize of the IAI Award,
  • New museum of OMA expansion
    This will be OMA's first public building in New York City. Designed by oma/shohei shigematsu and rem koolhaas in collaboration with cooper, robertson&partners, the expansion of the new museum (Manhattan's only dedicated museum of contemporary art) will break ground in 2020, expected It will open in 2022.
  • Manitoboggan Slide/ Public City Architecture
    A mountain is built where there is nomountain. This is not a U-shaped slide, not a ski jump, nor a sled race. Thisis "Manitobogging": a toboggan slide device that can slide in thewoods with two ultra-high speed ice troughs at the bottom. In a northern citywith a long winter, a short day, and a flat terrain, investing in seasonalgames in the public sector is becoming a serious business. This is aninteresting, low-cost, free infrastructure in a city park that is exclusively designedfor people of all ages and different abilities who seek stimulation.
  • The Shanghai Bund surprised presence a “1000 trees”,
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