Design News
Design News
  • CHYBIK + KRISTOF Design Movable Copper Façade for a Private Art Gallery
    CHYBIK + KRISTOF have unveiled the design for a Public Art Gallery clad in movable copper plates. The conceptual project is located in a new public square, near a riverbank with access to the water. The cultural function marks the heart of the new development. The cylindrical volumes are inspired by past functions of the area: mining, smelting, and minting. Toward the public square, the cylinders are elevated with the purpose of connecting the interior of the building with the surrounding public space.
  • National Bank of Kuwait Headquarters in Kuwait City
    Foster + Partners has completed the new headquarters for the National Bank of Kuwait, a 300-meter skyscraper with a distinctive presence among the buildings of Sharq, Kuwait city's growing financial district.
  • Powerhouse Company Reveals IBM Headquarters in Amsterdam
    Powerhouse Company has revealed the design of the new IBM Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The architects drew inspiration from the client’s ethos to create a building that functions as a vertical city, with a large atrium conceived as the central social space and multitenant offices as neighborhood units. The 35,000 square meter building will house startups and scaleups in addition to the various amenities like fitness areas, restaurants, and lecture halls.
  • Metaverse: A Fertile Ground for Architects?
    Metaverse is the name used to name an immersive, collective and hyper-realistic virtual environment, where people will be able to live together using 3D customized avatars.
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