Exhibition News
Exhibition News
  • IAI Future Design Forum attracts industry attention
    On the afternoon of August 28, 2020, the IAI Future Design Forum, one of the important activities of the IAI International Design Festival, was held at the Tianjin Minyuan Plaza Convention Center. The guests were mainly from designers, college representatives and media from Tianjin and all over the country. Other relevant representatives, eight guests from different design fields shared their design concepts and insights through live and video speeches, covering multiple themes such as brand design, ecological design, architectural design, interior design, product innovation, etc.
  • IAI Jewelry (Weitang pearl) Design Creativity Award 2019
    The 2019-IAI first jewelry (Pearl) design creative award received nearly 100 entries from China, Bulgaria, Montenegro and other countries and regions, with 53 entries shortlisted, finally, a total of 5 works won the IAI Best Jewelry Material Innovation Award, Iai Jewelry Creative Award, Iai Jewelry Popularity Award, Iai Jewelry Classic Award, five works won the IAI Jewelry Design Star Award.
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