Exhibition News
Exhibition News
  • APDF Nanjing Branch First Executive Council Meeting
    In order to better implement the mission, goals and willingness of APDF in various places, Let APDF promote urban and industrial transformation and development in Nanjing, actively participate in urbanization and beautiful rural construction, promote design education and career development, at the same time, establish a platform for industry, academic, research, transformation of results and finance through APDF, transforming academic achievements and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of regional economy. The first meeting of the 2019 Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) Nanjing Branch Executive Council will be held in Nanjing on August 10, 2019.
  • Notice on the extension of the IAI Design Award deadline
    In order to satisfy the desire of more contestants to participate in this IAI Design Award, the IAI Organizing Committee decided to extend the original deadline for October 8th to October 31st.
  • 2019 IAI Jewelry (Weitang pearl) Design Creativity Award
    The IAI Global Jewelry Design Awards, based on the design of the Oscar-IAI Global Design Awards, aims to create the world's top jewellery design awards. By organizing a jewellery design competition, the jewellery industry aims to build an innovative concept and market-oriented continuous development platform, leading the innovation and development of the jewelry industry, combining creative inspiration with market value, integrating global quality resources with global vision, macro industry structure and brand creation concept. The competition adopts IAI's unique award setting and evaluation standards, with design innovation as the core , fully inspiring the designer's inspiration and creative enthusiasm, providing a platform for outstanding designers to show their design wisdom and creating value, opening up an unprecedented development space for jewellery industry.
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