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City Wired
  • Asia Pacific (Suzhou) jewelry design center officially settled in Xiangcheng, Suzhou
    The signing ceremony of Asia-Pacific (Suzhou) Jewelry Design Center was held in Shenzhen Shangri-La International Hotel on September 8. APDF was officially settled in Suzhou Xiangcheng, the hometown of pearls. APDF will invite the resources of jewelry design masters from home and abroad to help Suzhou pearl industry transform through training, design competition and design innovation. Upgrade, cultivate Suzhou style pearl fashion brand, and create pearl featured town. APDF president Oskar Ho, Asia district - Director general Soonin Lee and APDF Secretariat Commissioner Flonia jointly attended the event.
  • APDF First City Innovation Centre Settled In Su Zhou
    In the afternoon on 23th of jun, merchants representatives from multiple countries and regions、relevant leaders and experts of Yangtze River Delta integration、well-known enterprises of new industry domestic and abroad、financial investment institutions 、college and universities institutes of scientific research, culture media enterprise representatives,and elite of innovative entrepreneur from all over the world etc, more than 1600 distinguished guest in total participated the event,contributed to the high quality development of Xiang Cheng. Asia-Pacific Designers Federation was invited as design group organization institution to attend this event and signed cooperative agreement with the Government of Su Zhou City Xiang Cheng District concerning the Creation Centre Project of Su Zhou and APDF. The above mentioned centre will promote to develop the blend and cooperation between Suzhou and international organization and relevant design institution. By means of holding various types of activities such as creative design exhibitions、educational training、international design exchanges、design competitions、academic forums and research discussions which focus on design and innovation etc. Push forward the organic reform and city cells update of the urban area. Promote the development and upgrading of industry and city transformation synchronous of Su Zhou. Strive for Su Zhou for the purpose of becoming world first class design innovation service centre and the next “Capital of the design“ in China. 。
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