City Wired
City Wired
  • 2019 APDF-LPS Just Design Topic Forum
    Yesterday has become history, and the future is beckoning to us. 2019 is about tho pass, against the background of slowing urbanization progress, China interior design has also experienced unprecedented fluctuations. In the face of the coming 2020, what kind of scene will China interior design usher in? Are designers ready to fight against today? On December 7, 2019, APDF was again invited to join hands with the international high-end real estate event organizer LPS (France) to jointly hold the 2020-China Interior Design Development Trend and LPS Extraordinary Design Forum during the LPS high-end real estate exhibition. The purpose of the forum is to analyze and discuss the development trend of China interior design in 2020 through forward-looking visions, scientific viewpoints, and representative cases of Chinese and foreign designers, to provide valuable reference and help for the promotion, transformation and evolution of designer careers. Empowering the sustainable development of China interior design, thereby spurring consumption upgrades and driving business innovation.
  • APDF Signs Nanjing Naco Auto Creative Park to Help Auto Industry and Urban Transformation and Development
  • APDF and Wenzhou Government Sign Strategic Cooperation Letter of Intent of APDF Settling in Wenzhou
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