Member News
Member News
  • Dr. William Lim was Inducted into the 2022-IAI Hall of Fame
  • The 2022-IAI Hall of Fame inductees will be announced at the IAI Awards Ceremony
    ​The 2022-IAI Hall of Fame inductees will be announced at the 14th Annual IAI Awards Ceremony ​.At that time, IAI will award the IAI Hall of Fame certificate and a commemorative medal.This year's IAI Hall of Fame has two designers be selected,and it was the first time in IAI's history that the award was presented at the awards cerem
  • Brazilian palace architect Robert Loeb, won the 2021/2022 IAI Lifetime Achievement Award!
    Nominated by experts of the IAI Design Award jury and determined by the jury, the 2021-2022 IAI lifetime achievement award was awarded to Roberto Loeb, a famous Brazilian architect, and became the seventh winner of the lifetime achievement award in the history of IAI after Liang Zhitian, Xing Tonghe, Zhang Qiman, Zaha Hadid, qikang, EVA Jiricna.
  • Appreciation of new works by IAI Design Award winners / Ningxia Yinchuan 101 Culture Industrial Park
    Inspired by the city of Yinchuan along the yellow river in North-West China. We took its unique geography characterized by hundreds of wet lands and lakes and turn it into a concept to create this mix use project.
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