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Member News
  • IAI award judges shou-zhi wang | works appreciation
    In China, there is no student of design who does not know Wang Shouzhi. Mr. Wang Shouzhi's name is widely heard in the Chinese design circle, because his whole experience is closely related to the design history of the new China.
  • IAI award jury zhang | works appreciation
    Zhang Ming, founder of MZA Architects. Prior to that, he was President of MG2, one of the largest architectural design firms in the United States. In 16 years, he has transformed MG2 from a small local firm into a global architecture firm.
  • IAI Jury Adam Chen Works Appreciation丨Kasa Mingzhu
    Adam Chen, a renowned architect and interior designer, also serves as the design director of Taiwan Mirror Joint Design Company and a director of Shanghai Vision Green Building Tsukito Design Inc. In 1980, he graduated from the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cultural University and studied at the Applied Arts Institute in Vienna, Austria. He also pursued further studies in the studio of Austrian national treasure architect Hans Hollen. His works are spread throughout China and multiple countries and regions. Long term commitment to research and application of zero carbon and green renewable energy, actively promoting the development of green energy empowerment industry.
  • IAI Jury Zhu Xiaodi 丨 Works Appreciation
    Zhu Xiaodi, graduated from the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, is the founder of Zhu Xiaodi Studio and the presiding architect. Professor-level senior engineer, national first-class registered architect, expert enjoying special government allowance, deputy chairman of the Architectural Design Professional Committee of the Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development; Member of the Energy Conservation and Green Building Professional Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development; Deputy Director of the Architectural Art Committee of the Chinese Artists Association; Double-appointed professor of Tsinghua University; Visiting professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Member of the editorial board of Architectural Journal, World Architecture, Architectural Creation and Urban Space Design. He has been engaged in architectural design for more than 30 years, and his works have won many awards at home and abroad. He holds the concept of pure exploration of architectural design space and the expression of pure empty devices through the architect's thinking on the boundary between space and reality.
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