Member News
Member News
  • The new head of the IAI Hall of Fame - William Lim
    On June 24, 2023, the IAI Hall of Fame award ceremony was held at Howard Johnson Hotel in Jimei Lake. When the introduction of the candidates and classic works of the IAI Hall of Fame were broadcast on the screen, the opening guest He Changcheng, chairman of the IAI Design Award, and Hu Xubin, secretary of the Jimei District Party Committee announced that the winner of the award was Mr. William Lim, a designer from Hong Kong, the audience applauded and became the most eye-catching moment on the scene. Mr. William Lim became the first designer in history to receive this honor at the IAI Awards. Given Mr. Lin Weier's persistent efforts in innovation and development in the field of design and even art, as well as his sense of social responsibility reflected in his personal career in design. At the same time, Mr. William Lim has been actively participating in IAI competitions since the birth of IAI, and has won a total of thirteen IAI design awards, becoming one of the designers with the highest number of awards and highest level of work in IAI history. Among them, he participated in the first Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix in 2006 and won three gold awards at one go. In 2008, he participated in the second IAI Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix and once again won three categories of gold, silver, and copper awards. In 2010, he participated in the 4th Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix and won two Best Design Awards and Best Lighting Design Awards. In 2012, he participated in the 6th Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix and won the Best Interior Design Award. He was selected as the most influential designer of the year. In 2014, he participated in the 8th IAI Design Award and won the award. In 2017, he won the IAI Global Liquor Brand Design Masters Invitation Competition. Participated in the IAI Global Design Award in 2022 and once again won the Best Design Award and Silver Award. After a vote by the IAI jury, Mr. William Lim was awarded the title of new member of the IAI Hall of Fame.
  • 2022 IAI Most Creative Award Organization——People's Architecture Office
    2022 IAI Most Creative Award Organization——People's Architecture Office
  • IAI Design Festival judge Abel Erazo's | work appreciation
    Abel Erazo was born in 1975, he graduated in 2001 with honors from University of Chile and obtained the “Arquisur” and “Jaime Bendersky” design prize. In 2002 obtained the “Veteco Asefave Award” in Spain, Europe. In 2003 built his first architectural work “Casa R” in the mountain area of Santiago of Chile. This work is exhibit in Lima Biennial 2004. In the same year is awarded in Chile with the first prize in two major national projects.
  • IAI Design Award Judge Wang Zhong | works appreciation
    His representative works are "Ark 1", "Illusion 2", "Balance - Tao", "Life?" ", "Critical Gate", etc. At the same time, he created the AUD Art oriented Urban Design system concept, and put it into practice in teaching and artistic creation with the academic concept of art creating space and art activating space.
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