Community News
Community News
  • IAI global Drinks Product Innovative Design Award & Invited master Design Award Ceremony ended successfully
    November 19th afternoon,The awarding ceremony of "IAI wine product design Innovation Grand Prix" is jointly held by the Asia Pacific designers Union and Gao Cheng Development Group Co., Ltd., which is held in Hongqiao National Conference Center, Shanghai.As one of the most important activities of the first Shanghai international wine trade fair, the competition has attracted much attention from all walks of life. The "world famous, sharing the glory" as the theme of the "2017 Shanghai International Wine Fair" sponsored by the China wine industry association, jointly organized by the Huambo enterprises, China Light Industry Federation, the key support of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.
  • IAI Global Drinks Products Innovative Design Award
    IAI Global Innovative Drinks Products Design Award, aims to promote the upgrading of traditional Chinese drinks industry, boost its innovation and development, and lead alcoholic brands toward globalization and vitality. IAI Global Innovative Drinks Products Design Award will become the focus of attention from all walks of life.
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