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Community News
  • Opera House
    From the architect. The Port Elizabeth Opera House was originally designed by local architect George William Smith and opened its doors on 1 December 1892. Four additions followed - the first in 1911, followed by extensions in 1927, 1934 and 1985. The current Opera House is thus made up of five distinct parts which throughout the years have merged into a single building of a distinct neo-classical style. At present the Opera House is the oldest theatre in Africa and also the oldest operating theatre in the Southern hemisphere.
  • APDF pay New Year's call to the global Chinese in CNTV
  • The 2016 French art of life show, Art de Vivre ,opened in Shanghai
    The 2016 French art of life show, Art de Vivre,opened formally in Sinan House of Shanghai on December 25th. It is host by the French Embassy, the French Embassy in Shanghai and French Business and Investment. As an important partner to China, APDF attended this show and its core members also attended the opening ceremony including the founding president He Changcheng, the brand professional commitee president Florin, the French ammbassador to china Mr.Gushan and the business investment minister of French embassy in China Mr. Philipe. In purpose, APDF invited more than 100 designers and outstanding person in related field from different cities,including IAI award-winning designers and union members. The APDF members of Jiangsu organized specially a 30 people visiting group, and invited many medias to report lively including Nanjing TV,Nanjing Traffic Announcement Network and Headlines Today. Especially, The exhibition is designed by French designer Gwen lived in China for many years, who is the ownner of many international design award, also IAI. It is known that Art de Vivre has been opened in NewYork, LA,Istanbul, Abu Dhabi and Moscow. As the important luxury goods market in all the world, China has lots of comsumers who admire French luxury life. More and more French brands are attract in china, which will bring more made-in-France to Chinese. It has special meaning that the business investment minister of French embassy in China set the 8th French art of life show in Shanghai core region which was French concession.
  • Nivis/Shiro Studio
    London architectural and product design studio shiro studio has created the ‘Nivis’ wash basin for agape. Based on the properties of snow and named after the Latin word for it, the form replicates its unblemished whiteness and its geometrical behavior when covering surfaces.
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