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Community News
  • 2019·APDF Design Sharing Session “Dialogue-Future Space” Causes Thinking
    The 2019 third quarter APDF design sharing salon with the theme of "Dialogue - Future Space" was held on August 2nd at the Shanghai International Design Exchange Center. This sharing salon aims to explore the current and upcoming upheaval of the current and future spaces through the different spatial perspectives and professional backgrounds of the four designers, This will allow more young designers to have more realistic thinking and full preparation for thought and action towards the future design direction. Nearly 100 designers and college teachers and students from Shanghai participated in this sharing salon.
  • APDF Design Salon - Document Design and Strategy Seminar
    The purpose of the seminar was to analyze corporate brand design and strategy and evolution of future Chinese companies brands. With the height of the APDF academic platform and the future to gather professional think tank strength, help China's manufacturing industry to achieve the transformation from "Chinese products" to "Chinese brands" to "world brands", the voice of APDF is issued in the process of China moving from a manufacturing power to a innovative power.
  • 2019 APDF Second Quarter·The Third Period·Design Salon [Brand and Strategy]
    On the "2018 Global Brand Value Ranking" published by Forbes, the top ten companies are: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Disney, Toyota, and the US Telephone and Telegraph. However, China as the world's top 1 industrial manufacturing power,none of the Chinese brands entered the top ten. China is only Huawei's shortlisted and only ranked 79th.Undoubtedly, actively promoting brand strategy and enhancing brand value are the key to the sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry.
  • APDF Jewelry Brand Innovation Seminar held at APDF International Design Exchange Center
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