Community News
Community News
  • IAI Design Award Yearbook Donation Ceremony was held in Xiamen
    On June 18, 2021, the 13th IAI Design Award Ceremony was held successfully and grandly in Xiamen Lohkah Hotel & Spa. On behalf of the organizing committee, Oskar Ho, the chairman of the IAI Design Award, presented the IAI Design Award's yearbook to Xiamen Academy of Arts and Crafts, Fuzhou University; School of Design and Art, Xiamen University of Technology; College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University and School of Design & Innovation, Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College. We hope that the academic achievements of the IAI will be better shared with design colleges and universities in Xiamen, and look forward to the future exchanges and cooperation with design colleges in Xiamen through the platforms of APDF and IAI Design Award, so as to build a new platform for industry-university-research cooperation among domestic art and design colleges.
  • "APDF into the chinese architectural town of well-known big curry works appreciation meeting" held in Nantong
    On June 8, 2021, sponsored by APDF, Beijing Kuailai Live and hosted by Homehe Villas Technology Development Co., LTD., APDF Visit to The Hometown of Chinese Architecture and the appreciation of works of famous masters of "Design Changes Life" will be held in Nantong Industrial Research Institute.
  • The booking notice of the IAI Design Award Yearbook
    The 12th IAI Design Award yearbook's executive editor is Oskar Ho; it is edited by the Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Heping District in Tianjin and is published by the Tianjin People's Press. The yearbook contains more than 300 cases of entries, which are divided into three sections: Interior, architecture and products along with brilliant comments by IAI judges. It includes 522 pages of the IAI Most Creativity Award (which represents the current highest design standard in the world), Jury Special Award, Best Design Award, Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award and Excellence Award. This is a design yearbook with international standards and is also a design monograph with great reference value and the design guide.
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