Community News
Community News
  • Dasha Art Blooms IAI Creative Design Festival
    During the 2023 IAI Creative Design Festival, Dasha, a female artist from Belarus, appeared on many public occasions and became the most popular and popular special guest of the IAI Creative Design Festival. On June 21, "Dasha Creative Photography Open Class" was first opened in Huaqiao University as the prelude to the design festival, which was warmly welcomed by teachers and students of Huaqiao University and Fuzhou University School of Arts and Crafts. Then IAI Creative Design Festival held the opening ceremony of Dasha Art Exhibition in Yuansheng Art Museum of Wiener Digital art Industrial Park. Creative photography works with great visual beauty and paintings with unique artistic expression attracted every audience who came to the exhibition to stop and watch for a long time. Subsequently, on the eve of the IAI Awards ceremony, a makeup creative photography show was displayed to the audience, adding a beautiful and unique scenery to the IAI Creative Design Festival. On June 25, Dasha was once again invited to the School of Fine Arts and Design of Huaqiao University in the headquarters of Quanzhou, becoming the 106th guest speaker of the "Art Forum of Huacai Aesthetic Education" of Huaqiao University, and was also employed as a visiting professor of the school. Her keynote speech on "How to Become a Creative Photographer?" for the school attracted both teachers and students on site, sparking a strong interest in the topic of creative photography and stimulating their desire to learn creative photography.
  • MacArthur Wins APDF's First International Recommended Brand
    The first international recommended brand of APDF Asia Pacific Designers Alliance was awarded at the IAI Awards ceremony on June 24th. The Chairman of APDF Asia Pacific Designers Alliance, He Changcheng, personally presented the recommended brand plaque to the national treasure level bathroom brand MacArthur from New Zealand. This move represents that the Asia Pacific Designers Alliance will launch an alliance evaluation and certification method in the future to select various high-quality brands, and recommend the world's highest quality building materials, coatings, and various home brand products to designers in the Asia Pacific region.
  • IAI Design Forum, Creative Brain Collision, Pulse Design Future
    On June 24, the IAI Design Forum was held in the multi-function hall of Howard Johnson's in Jimei Lake, where design masters from the United States, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Belarus, Germany, Chile, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan came to the stage to share, focusing on eight directions of Metaverse design, digital intelligence design, architectural design, interior design, regenerative design, Fashion design, brand design, product design, etc Different values share and explore the opportunities and challenges facing the future development of design, as well as the profound impact of AI, GPT, Metaverse and other scientific and technological developments on current life and society, which aroused strong resonance among the audience.
  • APDF Initiates Global Industry University Research Cooperation and Development
    On June 24, 2023, the Asia Pacific Designers Alliance launched the signing of APDF's global Ivy League education cooperation project at the IAI Award Ceremony, and signed cooperation with a number of science and technology and well-known cultural enterprises. This represents that APDF has officially opened a new era of global Design education and industrial cooperation, which will witness that in the future, the Asia Pacific Designers Alliance will work with Chinese and foreign educational institutions to jointly promote industry university research cooperation, enabling innovative development of Design education; At the same time, we will carry out cross-border integration and innovation cooperation with industries in related fields to promote industrial transformation and development, promote urban and industrial transformation and upgrading, promote innovative design and intelligent manufacturing, products and channels, originality and capital, designers and big platforms, and industrial transformation, and assist in the sustainable development of urban economic innovation.
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