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  • First APDF*C Asia Pacific Design Festival of Creativity Held at Beijing and Zhangjiakou
    First APDF * C Asia Pacific Design Festival of Creativity was held on May 12-16 in Beijing and Zhangjiakou,which is launched by APDF Asia Pacific Designers Federation and co-hosted by APDF, CAFA and the Bird's Nest Culture Center.”Join Winter Olympics Creative Culture, Build the City Beautiful Future" as the theme,this event lasted five days and the content was extremely rich. From the Bird's Nest Culture Center as the main venue to CAFA and Zhangjiakou,it attracted the attention and participation of nearly 10,000 people , as a unique culture and scenery line in Beijing and Zhangjiakou.
  • The Press Conference of First Asia Pacific Festival of Creativity Held in the Bird's Nest Culture Center
    On March 31, 2016, press conference of first Asia-Pacific Festival of Creativity is held in the Bird's Nest Culture Center. Mr He Changcheng, Chief Planner of festival and Founding President of Asia Pacific Designers Federation, introduced the general situation and highlight of festival. Then professor Chen Weiping of CAFA presented activities which will be held at CAFA as sub-avenue. And madame Qin Hong on behalf of Bird's Nest Culture Center as main avenue introduced its space and function. At last, He Changcheng and Chen Weiping answered questions posed by media.
  • 2016 APDF+C The First APDF Asia Pacific Festival of Creativity The Ninth Global Creative Design Oskar- IAI Design Award Ceremony
    Event Purpose: Asia Pacific Design Festival of Creativity is an annual event being held as a way to support and drive the design industry as a whole by hosting activities such as ceremonies, exhibitions, forums, workshops, and other creative events. By doing so we may further propel the development of design innovation through our cooperation actions. Through the design ideas, we guide people to establish healthy habits, to encourage designers to use design intelligence to improve the relationship between people and environment, eventually leading to man and nature of peaceful harmonious coexistence.
  • APDF Guiding You through Imm Cologne
    Imm Cologne,founded in 1949, is famous as the international interiors show.At the imm cologne, you found a unique variety of interior design ideas for every room, every style and every requirement – from the basics all the way to designer items and luxury furnishings.From January 18, 2016 to 23,Asia Pacific Designers Federation first as international institutions of cooperation was invited to take part in 2016 Cologne.APDF represented at this exhibition as only invited organization in Asia and China.Activities about APDF and IAI Design Award and IAI winning works were showed.So more and more people in the international design field pay attention to APDF through this exhibition,which further improves APDF and IAI Design Award’s influence in the world.Next let’s share amusing experience in Cologne!
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