Focus News
Focus News
  • APDF was invited to participate in Suzhou.Great Country Artisan Summit Forum 2018
    13th of July,taking “ the inheritance of humanities and art+ culture service innovation” as the theme, China Culture Administration Association art colleges and universities traditional handicraft creation and practice based garden-opening press conference and Suzhou·Great Country Artisan Summit Forum(First Site) held in Xiang Cheng District, Su Zhou. Famous experts、scholars、elites from Culture session, about 300 people gathered together, to start public culture benefiting the people service colony practice which is an upgrading version for Suzhou, promote Suzhou public culture construction to reach a new level and provide new templates、new thoughts、new benchmarking for national public culture construction. Asia-Pacific Designers Federation(APDF) core members including APDF honorary president Professor Yan Shen Liu、APDF initiating president Chang Chen He、APDF the chairman of the board of directors in Asian region Soon In Lee(Korean)、APDF international director Dalia Gallico(Italian) and the German designer Joerg Lonkwitz who was awarded the designing top prize for the second consecutive year.
  • APDF opens a new era for global design and cultural exchange and cooperation.
    Between April 18 and May 12, 2018, Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) once again visited Milan as the palace of art in Europe, and Paris, Kiev, Vilnius and Helsinki as key international capitals of culture and art in Europe. For the first time, APDF also set foot on Melbourne, the most artistically and fashionably charming city in Australia. This long trip of APDF was to participate in organizing the Opening Ceremony of the Global Twin-City International Festival held in Melbourne Town Hall, which started an unprecedented wave of design and cross-border cultural exchange between the East and the West.
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