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Focus News
  • APDF*C five innovative design forum
  • Beijing Green Space Center-APDF Srategic Cooperation
    Beijing Green Space Center and APDF-Asia Pacific Designers Federation hold a grand
  • Zaha Hadid Last Entry Won IAI Special Jury Award & IAI Lifetime Achievement Award
    In October 2015, Zaha Hadid submitted the latest design project she completed before her death to the IAI Design Award committee, which is the Dongdamen Plaza project in Seoul, Korea. After several rounds of judging from the IAI jury, the project finally won the one and only IAI Year's Special Jury Prize. When the news was announced at the 9th IAI Design Award Ceremony at the Bird's Nest Cultural Center in Beijing on May 14, 2016, the audience gave their biggest applause possible to express their genuine congratulations to the respectful architect who has recently passed away.
  • The Ninth Global Creative Design Award-IAI Design Award Top Award Revealed at Bird’s Nest
    The Ninth Global Creative Design Award-IAI Design award ceremony,claimed as the Design Oskar by CCTV and other Chinese and international authoritative media was held at Bird’s Nest culture center on May 14th.Heavy weight design authorities, design masters, leaders from national construction department and educational department,Embassy of Holland in China and social elites from all walks of life,nearly 400 of people attended the Ninth IAI Design Award ceremony and witnessed the born of IAI awards.
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