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Focus News
  • IAI Creative Wisdom Forum Was Held in CAFA
    On April 29th IAI Creative Wisdom Forum was held in the Red Chair Lecture Hall of CAFA Design School. Seven well-renown jury experts from Netherlands, Korea, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China walked into CAFA and shared their design concepts with CAFA teachers and students. They had a heated discussion about the IAI Design Award and their perspective of such from their respective cultural background and professional experiences. In doing so, they explored the origin and the future possibilities of design development. Professor Zhang Qinghua, from China Taiwan, has proposed many critical questions and analyses to take the lead and assume responsibilities from all walks of life. At the same time, the forum also provides valuable thoughts and experience for young students on how to define themselves and achieve self-worth in the face of career challenges and development in this fast paced and ever changing social and cultural environment.  
  • The 8th IAI Design Award Ceremony Was Held in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Cultural Center
    The 8th IAI Design Award Ceremony and IAI Design Award Exhibition held by Asia Pacific Designers Federation (APDF) had a grand opening on April 29th at the Bird’s Nest Culture Center in Beijing. The following individuals are participants, international award winners, and core members of APDF. Liu Yanshen, Honorary President of APDF and Deputy Director of the National Secondary Vocational Education Teaching Reform and Innovation Committee; Kees Spanjers (Netherlands), Member of the IAI Design Award Jury, Co-Chairman of APDF, and President of Netherlands’ National Association of Interior Design; Soon in Lee (South Korea), President of the IAI Design Award Jury, Director of Seoul Design Center, and President of the South Korea 3D Printing Forum; Adam Chen (Taiwan, China), former member of the IAI Design Award Jury, Vice Council President of APDF, and Design Director of Taiwan Yuanjing Joint Design Associates; Antony Chan (Hong Kong, China), Member of the IAI Design Award Jury, Chairman of Hong Kong Interior Design Association, and Founder and Creative Director of Cream; Oskar Brian (He Changcheng, China) , Founding President of Asia Pacific Designers Federation and Initiator of IAI Design Award; Han Jingcao (China), General Manager of Bird’s Nest Cultural Center, and many others.
  • IAI Design Award Academic Seminar
    On the morning of April 28th, 2015, the IAI Design Award Seminar was held in the CAFA academic lecture hall. Experts from Netherlands, Korea, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China passionately discussed the IAI Design Award competition mechanism, evaluation rules, and the development orientation before reaching an agreed consensus; thus laying a theoretical foundation for the forging of IAI Design Award as a globally influential design award. The seminar was hosted by the IAI Design Award Initiator and APDF Founder, Oskar Brian.
  • 2015 APDF International Council Annual Caucus Held in Beijing
    On the afternoon of April 28th, 2015, the International Council Annual Caucus was held in the communication center of the teachers’ home in the CAFA School of Design. Both domestic and international APDF representatives gathered together to discuss the strategy and plan for the future development of APDF and resolutely discussed how to best further develop the cooperation and exchange plans between APDF and various design institutions.
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