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  • Professor Zhang Qiman Received IAI Lifetime Achievement Award
    Chinese interiordesign master, Chinese environmental professional art and design major founderand academic leader, China'sfirst environmental art design professional doctoral supervisor, doctoralsupervisor of School of Architecture in CentralAcademy of Fine Arts Professor Zhang Qiman received IAI-Lifetime AchievementAward! This is the third design master who received this special honor afterfamous designer Steve Leung and Xing Tonghe.
  • The First Press Conference of IAI Design Award Held in Nanjing
    September 14th, APDF held the first conference of 2014-IAI Design Award in Nanjing Hexi Wanda Hilton Hotel, during the activity, APDF also held the exhibition to reviewprevious design competitions, the establishment of APDF Jiangsu representative office, and APDF Nanjing author forum activities.
  • APDF Taiwan Representative Office Was Established
    March 13th, 2014, APDF core members He Changcheng, Huang Jiancheng, Chen Guangxiong, Qi Weimin, APDF Operating Committee member Zhang Xiaojing and Yanglin, German representative, Taipei representative office member Xie Kunxue, Jiang Jianping, Zeng Chuanjie, Luo Jixiong were present at APDF Great China District Taiwan Representative Office Inauguration Ceremony and Design Committee Inauguration Ceremony in Taipei Capital Hotel.
  • "Field • Huang Jiancheng Design” Art Exhibition
    "Field • Huang Jiancheng Design” art exhibition was inaugurated at the art museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts on May 23, 2014.
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