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Focus News
    In December 12, 2012, the first “IAI ASIA-EUROPE DESIGN MASTER DIALOGUE FORUM”was held in Shanghai International Conference Center by IAI ASIA PACIFIC FEDERATION OF DESIGNERS.
  • Ten Outstanding Chinese Designer Award Conditions
    Recognition to make a significant contribution to the design community or country or region to get special honor and support global design education, training and research activities, and to promote the sustainable development of the design Chinese designers. IAI Asia Pacific Designers will close ranks to vote on a global scale the honors during IAI AWARDS 2012 event, to welcome the world, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Chinese designers to participate in
  • IAI AWARDS 2012 Asia-Pacific Design Biennial Awards Presentation Ceremony Parade
    IAI AWARDS 2012 Asia-Pacific Design Biennial Awards Ceremony,the acclaimed design Oscar was held at the Shanghai International Conference Center on December 12, 2012.The specifications and lineup of awards giving guests can be called the most ever.
  • Joint Communique of Establishment of Friendly Union Between Asia Real Estate Association and Asia Pacific Designers Federation
    In order to strengthen horizontal cooperation among social groups and effectively expand interactive resources, after consultation on the basis of equality, on the 28th of December, 2012, IAI Asia Pacific Designers Federation and Asia Real Estate Association established bilateral friendly strategic partner relations, and signed “Bilateral Friendly Strategic Partnership Agreement”.
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