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Focus News
  • The world's leading design authority get together again at shanghai-hangzhou Su to participate in the annual festival of the IAI federation
    Following the successful hosting of the 2008 Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Awards 2009 China Wind - Asia Pacific Interior Design Invitational will once again attracted from a wide range of international design circles authority and leader-level masters as international judges, including attending Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou activities during theseries theme of the opening ceremony, award ceremonies, design Forum, exhibitions and other activities.
  • IAI-2009 the Hangzhou International Design Masters Forum
    On October 17, 2009 as one of the important activities of the IAI Union 09 international design masters Forum Longhill. Four Points by Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center held the forum at the same time as the main activities of Hangzhou, the third West Lake Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, AI alliance with Hangzhou Fair co-organized forum activities sponsored by the the brand enterprises parrot floor support.
  • IAI alliance to shanghai-Hangzhou build long triangle creative industry platform
    Architects and interior designers in Asia-Pacific Union-IAI Following the hold the second session of the Asia-Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix in 2008, and as the co-organizers of the Shanghai International Creative Industry Week 2009, working together again Shanghai Creative Industry Center and other institutions to participateorganization 2009 Shanghai International creative Industry Week activities, At the same time, IAI Union invited Hangzhou relevant departments and the Hangzhou West Lake Expo organization jointly organized the 2009 Hangzhou West Lake international Cultural and Creative industry Expo, IAI Union's futurewill play a pioneer role in the field of domestic creative suggestions offered force for the development of creative industries in China and the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Foundation of IAI branch of Shanxi and Master Forum Trip Starts from Taiyuan
    Sign giving ceremony to Shanxi Representative of IAI Asia Pacific Federation of Architects/Interior Designers was hosted August 12th in the miLLENNIUM ancient capital of Taiyuan which is known as the Ancient Art Museum. Professor Changcheng He, Director-General of IAI and Professor Steve, IAI Consultant and famous designer of China Taiwan participated the event in the site
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