Focus News
Focus News
  • The expo Spain pavilion well-known Project Designers in master classes ,For example Benedetta.
  • The asia-pacific region firstly takes the green design as the theme of the international interior design competition
    AWARDS 2011 green global design awards and Natural Wind - Asia Pacific Interior Design Invitational; press conference held in the sea Shanghai Architectural Designer Club on September 16, 2011. Competition planner, chairman of the organizing committee, the founding chairman of the Asia Pacific Designers the Mr. He Changcheng has introduced the background of this competition activities and content, as well as the previous tournament Introduction by graphic, video, true reproduction shows the previous contest, the results of ...
  • Asia Pacific elite designer Salon held in Ningbo at the same time
    On the afternoon of June 28, much Ningbo designers expectations and concerns of the 2011 "natural wind" Asia Pacific Interior Design Invitational Ningbo station launch press conference in the Asia-Pacific Elite designer Sharon in Ningbo NingKang wear the Road the creative three plants hero will club held, chairman of the Asia Pacific designers Union IAI AWARDS Organizing Committee Chairman Mr. He Changcheng, famous designer Suntian Wen, Mr. Chen Bin attended the event and the site Ningbo interior design elite and the related media interaction.
  • The exchange visit hangzhou trip of IAI design expert group members
    In June 2011, IAI Asia Pacific Designers Union and foreign members of the Group should be domestic famous designer Mr. Chan Yiu Kwong invited to visit the studio set up in the Song Dynasty imperial tombs at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain ruins.
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