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  • The 4th IAI International Design Festival and the 13th IAI Design Award Ceremony hold in Xiamen
    The 4th IAI International Design Festival and the 13th IAI Design Award Ceremony will be held in Xiamen , which is also the first time IAI has held the award ceremony in Fujian since its establishment. Xiamen is an important center city , port and tourist city along the southeast coast, the city of high-quality innovative and entrepreneurship, high level of ecological garden city, meanwhile, Xiamen is one of the first four special economic zones, set by the State Council, "One Belt And One Road" sea and land transport hub and Hub for People-to-People Exchange. Xiamen was awarded Innovation Base of BRICS New Industrial Revolution Partnership on December 2020. Xiamen will usher in unprecedented huge historical development opportunity.
  • The 12th IAI Design Award was successfully held in Tianjin
    At night on August 28, inside and outside Tianjin Minyuan Plaza, the lights were brilliant, and the super-large IAI awards stage was shining under the exceptionally dazzling lights. This is the first time IAI has held an award ceremony in an outdoor plaza in history. At 7:30pm, the guests attending the opening ceremony of the IAI Awards Ceremony were Jin Xiangjun, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government; Oskar Ho, President of the Asia-Pacific Designers Federation; Mr. Massimo, Vice President of the European Chamber of Commerce in China, and other Chinese and foreign guests entered the venue one after the other. The present guests sat next to each other under the warm and grand atmosphere.
  • The 3rd IAI International Design Festival was grandly held in Tianjin
    After a long wait of 8 months, the third IAI International Design Festival finally waved goodbye to the pandemic with the strong support of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and leaders at all levels, and finally decided the third IAI International Design Festival was held in Tianjin on August 27th-28th, 2020. On August 28, Tianjin Minyuan Plaza, a century-old landmark building ushered in the first international design event in history. Design professionals from home and abroad included award-winning designers, college teachers and students, professors, and Tianjin The leaders of the Municipal People’s Government and other guests from all walks of life gathered on the IAI awards stage of Minyuan Plaza to witness this awards ceremony representing the most innovative design award competition in the world today. This is not only an important event in the Chinese and international design circles, but also an extraordinary history. A commemorative design event, and as Tianjin’s first international cultural event in the post-epidemic phase, it once again demonstrates China’s self-confidence and national self-confidence. It also indicates that China has stepped out of the epidemic, and its social economy and people’s cultural life has fully recovered. A positive signal from China from the world.
  • The IAI International Design Festival 2019-2020 will be held in Tianjin from 27th to 28th of August
    ​​The 2019-2020 IAI International Design Festival, which has been tested by the pandemic for half a year, has finally ushered in an exciting important moment on August 1st. With the joint care and strong support of Tianjin Municipal People's government and leaders of relevant departments at all levels, finally, the IAI organizing committee has decided that the 3rd IAI International Design Festival and the 12th IAI global design awards will be held in Tianjin from August 27th to 28th. The event will be held in Minyuan Square, a famous landmark on the Fifth Avenue in Tianjin. For more information of the event, please stay tuned for follow-up newsletters.
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