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Focus News
  • 2023- The Perfect Ending of Creative Design Festival
    The 2023 IAI Creative Design Festival and the 14th/15th IAI Global Design Awards Ceremony were grandly held from June 22 to 25 in the beautiful garden city of Xiamen. The picturesque Xinglin Bay by Jimei Lake turned into a design Cannes, showcasing the atmosphere of the IAI Design International Carnival. The exciting and diverse IAI Creative Design Festival activities are like bouquets of blooming phoenix flowers dotted in Jimei, a city full of innovative vitality, A dazzling artistic feast of inspiration and creativity bloomed on the night of the IAI Awards!
  • 2023-IAI International Design Festival will be held in Xiamen soon
    "All the good will come as promised", time is the best witness, although last year's IAI International Design Festival was postponed because of the epidemic, but IAI still believe that the future will be better, a temporary pause will be for a better start, the pace of continuous forward not only won't come to a sudden stop, only stimulate the creative potential of greater innovation, in the epidemic welcome 2023, IAI finally pressed the button again to restart the normal IAI annual Gala, and continued to move steadily towards a higher goal.
  • The 16th IAI Design Award Regular period registration official launch!
    The Regular period registration stage for the 16th IAI Design Awards will start grandly on July 1, 2023, and will continue until September 30.
  • IAI Design Yearbook won the highest award in the printing industry - CHINA PRINT AWARDS
    The 12th IAI Design Yearbook from 2019 to 2020 won the highest gold award in the recently released China Printing Awards, reflecting that the comprehensive indicators of printing quality, production level, binding design, and craftsmanship of the IAI Design Yearbook have been highly recognized by the industry again.
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