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Focus News
  • Fernando Brandao ——Chairman of the 15th IAI Architecture Award Judgs
    FernandoBrandao graduated from Santos Architecture University in St Paul in 1985. Histhesis "From a Town to Unity" won the Brazil national scholarship. SinceProfessor Fernando Brandao obtained employment, thanks to its outstandingcontributions in the field of architecture, he has won 17 prizes from Braziland the United States.He opened his personal office in 1996, master FernandoBrandao is good at combining industrial design with architectural designand running the green concept through the whole process of housingdesign, construction and use.Fernando brandao received an award from the ADGBrazilian Graphic Designers Association. In 2002, the booth project designedfor Tafisa and Giroflex company won the AsBEA Honorary Award. In 2008, he wasinvited to participate in the German "Red Dot Award" and won the RedDot Honorary Award for the design of the Livraria Cultura bookstore in SaoPaulo, Brazil. In 2017, the participating projects won the IAI BestArchitectural Conceptual Design Award.In addition, he serves as vice Presidentof Brazil China Friendship Association and a member of the InternationalCouncil of the Asia Pacific Designer Federation.
  • Soon-In Lee——Chairman of the 15th IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Judges
    As the 2011chairman of the International Industrial Design Federation and the head of theSeoul Design Center in South Korea, Soon-In Lee has been engaged in design workfor more than 20 years. While having a high reputation in the industry, Soon-InLee stays in a low-key manner. Over the years, he has mainly worked on Koreandesign and planning, and has unique insights and rich experience in the overallmarketing of urban development.
  • Wang Shouzhi, president of the 15th IAI Jury
    Wang Shouzhi, one of the important founders of modern design and modern design education, an expert in design theory and design history, and a tenured professor of the theory department of the American Art Center Design School, was invited to serve as the chairman of the jury of the 15th IAI Global Design Award in 2023.
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