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  • The 2024 IAI Design Festival highlights Xiamen and ignites new design productivity
    On June 28-29, 2024, the highly anticipated 2024 IAI Design Festival was held in Xiamen, China, like a brilliant pearl, presenting a stunning and luxurious feast for the design industry. At 10:00 am on the 28th, the 16th IAI Design Exhibition grandly opened on Jiangnan Water Street in Xiamen Garden Expo Park. He Changcheng, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Designer Alliance and founder of the IAI Design Festival and Design Award, delivered an opening speech at the venue. Leaders such as Zheng Xiaoyan, Deputy District Mayor of Jimei District People's Government in Xiamen, as well as authoritative figures and experts from the domestic and foreign design industry, attended the opening ceremony.
  • IAI Design Festival is grandly start leading a new direction in design
    The highly influential 2024 Excellent IAI Design Festival and the 16th IAI Design Award Ceremony will kick off in Xiamen on June 28th. This is bound to be a top-level event that brings together global design leaders and presents cutting-edge design achievements.
  • The 2024 IAI Design Festival and the 16th IAI Awards Ceremony once again settled on Ludao Island
    The 2024 IAI Design Festival and the 16th IAI Awards Ceremony will be held in Xiamen from June 28th to 29th, 2024, as unanimously decided by the members of the IAI Design Awards Competition Committee of the Asia Pacific Designers Alliance.
  • The design yearbook that everyone is looking forward to - is about to be released!
    Waiting is the longest agony, but poetry and the distance are worth waiting for and watching. This may be a true portrayal of the publication of these two editions of the IAI Design Yearbook. Although the 14th/15th edition of the Yearbook was not published as scheduled due to the well-known pandemic, the successful publication and distribution of both volumes before the 16th IAI Awards undoubtedly added a strong book fragrance to the exciting design activities and created a stronger academic atmosphere.
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