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Focus News
  • The 12th IAI Design Award ceremony place lands in Tianjin, helping Tianjin Build Northern Design Capital
  • Only Italy Cooperates again with APDF to Create Broad Platform together for Sino-Italy Cultural Exchanges
    On the morning of December 12, Oskar Ho,the founding president of APDF, and the former speaker of the Italian House ofRepresentatives, the chairman of the Italy-China Friendship Association, the chiefexecutive of Italian Only Italy Group, and the chairman of board of directioresof Italy-China Development Fund, Ms. Pivetti, director of China-ItalyDevelopment Creative Center, General Manager of Angli (Tianjin) Group Co., Ltd.and chief executive of China-Italy Creative Brand Management Co., Ltd. Mr.Zhang Ming, director of China-Italy Development Creative Center, Deputy GeneralManager of Angli (Tianjin) Group Co., Ltd. and General Manager of China-ItalyCreative Brand Management Co., Ltd. Ms. Bao Jie, jointly discussed the seminaron APDF project cooperation launching in Tianjin China-Italian Development andCreative Center, the two sides reached a high degree of consensus and endorsedthe signning of the contract again after signing the strategic cooperationagreement between the two parties in 2017, in this way, the two sides willquickly promote the developing of landing of actual project cooperation inTianjin, and developing close cooperation between China and Italy in variousfields related to design, including culture and arts, creative design,education, exhibitions, tourism, and sports.
  • Brief introduction of 2019-2020 IAI International Design Festival
    2019 IAI International Design Festival And the Schedule for 12th Design Awards Award Ceremony
  • 2019 APDF voices UN Civil Society conference caused attention of people from various circles
    The 68th UN Civil Society Conference was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, August 26-28, 2019. The theme of the conference is:「Building Inclusive and Sustainable Cities and Communities」
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