Works Appreciation
  • IAI Specially invited master design award works-Product and packaging design
    IAI Specially invited master design award works-wine set design

  • city-train
    The city around the train kept moving forward, just like a train. Some people say that the train is poetic, although it exists in many people's daily life, but it is really a love can not do. In Japan, especially in Kyushu, trains, like partners, exist in mountains and towns. People don't think of it as a machine, or even give it a legend and life; people expect it to take him home, take him to a strange place to experience strange scenery, scenery. It's a long, long shot, with people, scenery, home and land.

  • catch-bowl
    We design a shelf that focuses on corners, which inevitably exist in each room. Based on this idea, we create a happy light shelf, allows the user to adjust the height, and use it as a bowl, love things like sports festival play ball games. By dividing it into two parts, the bowl captures the edges and captures the items into a familiar room in the corner of the small shelf. When a part has its relative, they become the whole bowl.

  • Tea Capsule Machine
    The tea making machine from capsules is the new and modern way for serving the beverage with ease, any time of the day. This is especially helpful when you have guests preferring the different types, flavors or herbal teas. Features include preset water amount for the multiple range of tea available in universal-sized capsules. Envisioned as a chic with a modern twist to reinvent and break the stereotype of traditional elements in tea drinking culture among the Chinese, the tea capsule machine becomes a lifestyle product made for those to enjoy a healthier drink at home. Features include brewing time options and a special adapter for using bottled water instead of refilling the water tank, saving time to serve multiple guests. The funky design in a robust construction usually makes it the topic of conversation.

  • Toilet Rail Sanitizer
    For bathrooms with many users, there can be many unpleasant experiences because the hygienic state of the bathroom is not clean. Public bathrooms are especially unhygienic where an astounding number of viruses and bacteria live. Also it is necessary to clean toilets after men use them while standing up. The Oval Shaped Toilet Seat Rail Sanitizer solves this problem simply by having the toilet cover move along the shape of the toilet while sanitizing the toilet seat. When the toilet is flushed, based on the indicated line, 1/2 a rotation is made to clean the toilet seat.

  • Savior's arm
    In an emergency situation, it takes a lot of strength to lift a person and secure his or her safety at the same time. Firefighters rescue people with both hands, making them impossible to use in other emergency situations. Savior’s Arm can free those arms that are used to lift a person up, making the rescuing process more efficient.

  • New Dimensional Pole
    Existed poles have handful inconveniences such as overworking of user’s wrist, finding their way just by dotting which makes blinds hard to find their way to go. This New Dimensional Pole will be the most appropriate solution for any pole users especially for blinds. When users use a pole, they have to bend their wrist in inappropriate angle for their wrist, which could hurt user’s muscle and ligament are being over worked by being bent. This new pole prevent from being hurt user’s wrist by making users to keep proper angle for user’s wrist. Every blind’s pole has explained our world as combination of dots, which is 1D. However, real world is 3D. That means existed poles have not fully explained our real world to users. Then what if poles explain world to blinds with combination of lines? It would explain more realistic world to users. When the night comes or in dark places, it is not easy t o know where blinds will moves. Because this New Dimensional Pole lights out in darkness, others will recognize pole user’s movement, preventing accident such as collision.

    This is a set of adjustable office workstation designed to create a unique office environment for the objective of seeking a free style of work. The whole series consists of single, duet, triple, and quadruple combinations. The idea is to gather all electronic/office-dedicated systems onto the ceiling, leaving an empty space beneath the workstation. Having the desk float in the air, you may allow your body to move freely without constraints. If you need a space for meetings, party or a chit chat, the movable workstation can be very beneficial. It further advances the potential use of space, contributing to greater efficiency of communication. The workstation is movable and liftable, giving you a variety of options to perform your work. With the adjustable design, you may either sit or stand on the floor; you may also do your work on a treadmill. The design in its sense in essence represents a revolutionary office style. It’s important not only to change the dullness of office life, but also to provide a balance between work and health. It is believed that people who work under such office environment are more productive and creative. Undoubtedly, Humanism will be a central idea in the trend of future workplace.

  • The Doberman Chair
    The design inspiration comes from a kind of Germany dog called Doberman. So the chair name after it as The Doberman Chair. And the side view of the chair is designed based on the golden ratio. Also, the designer chose the mahogany as material due to the similar color to the real Doberman dog. Moreover, The Doberman Chair has a suspended backrest and a long seat size, both covered with black leather. Like a Doberman dog, The Doberman Chair shows its unique dignity and peace.

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