Works Appreciation
  • wawa
    We have created a wall-mounted mirror out of rattan, a material with more than 1,000 years of history in Japan. The frame, which makes use of rattan’s characteristic flexibility and strength, is simple yet projects a sense of presence. “wa” means “ring” in Japanese, and the name “wawa” comes from its “overlapping rings”-shape made from spiraled thick rattan. These rattan frames are carefully crafted by hand at TSURUYA SHOUTEN, a rattan products manufacturer founded in Yamagata Prefecture in 1907.

  • Light Light Desk
    The LIGHT LIGHT DESK is a product design conceived by Japanese and Swiss designers who visited their respective countries and engaged with local companies and manufacturers over the course of two Japan-Switzerland Design Workshops. The workshop in Switzerland was held at WOGG, a major systematized furniture manufacturer, and the workshop in Japan was held at Ishinomaki Laboratory, a group dedicated to the recovery of the Ishinomaki area following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The aim of the exercise was to mesh the cultures and values of both countries during said workshops. Torafu proposed the Light Light Desk, consisting of a light aluminium frame with a built-in LED light that makes use of WOGG's energizable sandwich panels. The result is a desk that is both lightweight and collapsible, and can easily be transported like a folding chair.

  • YunNanHong
    In China, Yunan province is a multi-national region, it has its own colorful national culture and traditional folk handcraft, especially in batik. (Batik is a kind of traditional textile printing and dyeing handcraft in minority area, they dip wax spatula into wax-melting to draw a pattern on fabric, and then use indigo to dip-dye the fabric, and the wax should be wiped off. ) This time, the red wine packaging design for Yunan , which is mainly focused on the technique of traditional batik and its unique modeling tactics, to draw an illustration of local humanity characteristic life picture. In the Dai nationality, it is believed that peacock is the kindest, smartest bird, peacock loves freedom and peace. It is a token of lucky and happy. So we combine Dai young girl with peacock modeling to draw an illustration for the main image. We use national features and regional features to strengthen the red wine brand, enhance its identifiability.

  • Travel yellow rice wine in small package
    The history of the ancient city of Shaoxing: 2500, flyfox, Qingshiban, fenqiangdaiwa city style, mesmerizing. Culture: Heritage of ancient Yue culture scholars, delicate texture, Yellow Wine theater, the interpretation of the simple customs and attitudes. Ink Jiangnan, Yellow Wine: Yellow Wine. A quality suggestive of poetry or painting is good, drink more. A cup of Yellow Wine, a pinch of beans flavored with aniseed, with poetry, the dream of Shaoxing. Girls 200ml glass bottles, boys 250ml Lanting Pavilion stone money

  • Aesop NEWoMan
    We conduct the interior design of the AESOP store, an Australian skin care brand, located in Shinjuku, newoman. With a width of 4 million 900 thousand of the width and depth of the 9.2m square plane, the project area provides a space surrounded by two pillars at both ends of the space.

  • Euronews
    The ambition of the Lyon Confluence district, developed by VNF (Waterways of France) in partnership with Caisse des Dép?ts and SEM Lyon, is to reinvest this industrial area’s heritage by integrating architecture with cultural and commercial programs. The project is designed as a stretched cube pierced by two conical atriums introducing daylight, air and providing views of the river to the building’s users. These atriums are imagined as two gigantic eyes looking onto the river and its environment. Symbolically, the eyes also represent those of Euronews, abstract receptors, capturing the events of the world around us. The building houses the world headquarters of Euronews, a leading international news channel covering world news from a European perspective. Launched in 1993, it has become a platform for multilingual news services. This project was designed in 2005 for the same competition as the “Cube Orange”, built in 2010 further along the riverside. Both buildings have been designed to be seen by the public as two separate buildings in dialogue with one another as part of the ongoing development of the urban facade of the Sa?ne River.

  • VR cameras
    Cinematic virtual reality pioneer Jaunt establishes a revolutionary new standard for motion-capture with its “NEO” series of professional grade VR cameras. Designed for capturing fully-immersive, 360-degree cinematic VR experiences, NEO utilizes a high-speed image sensor, wide-angle optics and embedded software. Its stunning design language and expression elegantly signals the technological step forward this camera system brings to the VR landscape. LUNAR focused on 360-degree design detailing, incorporating curving, rhythmic lines into an iconic new camera archetype that’s recognizable and memorable from every angle while expressing the professionalism associated with light-capture artistry.

  • Teapot

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