Works Appreciation
  • led Spotlights
    Professional LED lighting portable lights for sleeping, night work, night lighting, repairing cars, and living in a variety of lighting needs. Built-in 8000mAh battery, handle adjustable angle, can be incorporated, convenient and practical, while saving logistics costs. Design, handle, frame, body shape line using solid, tough contour lines, the visual highlights of professional sense, rugged feel, and brand personality.

    With the continueous development of industry in the society, the demand for fresh water is also increasing,and the important of saving water has been the consensus of humman being nowadays. In our daily life, toilets and bathrooms are the spaces that have multi-sources of water usage,and this design is mainly concentraled in exploring some enviormental friendly proposals for the design of modern sanitary equipments. “GREEN SWEEPER” is a multi-function water closet and it composes of the upper and lower portions. the main design concept of GREEN SWEEPER is“Recycle of waste water”. It can be treated as a large capacity water tank combining the function of wash basin and water closet. It saves space and makes use of the waste water generated from the daily life for flushing purpose. The large capacity water tank can also stroe and make use of waste water from the bathroom equipment and other domestic consumption above.

  • Improvisation
    To overcome the constraints imposed by the long rectangular shape of the available space, large items of furniture such as the conference table, front desk, and self-designed Y-shaped worktable are designed at a 45 degree tilt, not only opening up more room for walking around, but also allowing the wonderful scenery outside to make its visual impact at a niftily slanted 135 degree angle—this way, the sunshine and shade trees, and even the falling rain and the people strolling past outside, provide an ever-changing decorative background that never gets old.

  • Taste of a product
    Original design life,the real interpretation of the design.Designers with space and time comparison, the entire dining space planning both a time, but also a strong contrast.

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