Works Appreciation
  • wawa
    We have created a wall-mounted mirror out of rattan, a material with more than 1,000 years of history in Japan. The frame, which makes use of rattan’s characteristic flexibility and strength, is simple yet projects a sense of presence. “wa” means “ring” in Japanese, and the name “wawa” comes from its “overlapping rings”-shape made from spiraled thick rattan. These rattan frames are carefully crafted by hand at TSURUYA SHOUTEN, a rattan products manufacturer founded in Yamagata Prefecture in 1907.

  • The Naturalist
    Approach & Design Concept Emphasis on the use of natural material, natural ambience and quality materials such as solid wood, plants, natural lightings & real stones such as marble. Our design concept was moving towards having the best of both worlds. Imagine coming home to a landed property in the air. As soon as you exit your private lift lobby, you step into a welcoming foyer that tucks in all your shoes neatly within the vertical plants feature wall. Once stepping into the unit, the rough stone wall and feature timber ceiling leads you into the home with an indirect division of the living and dining. The dining area is designed with dark mirrors on one side, reflecting the featured vertical plants wall on the other side, giving the impression that you are dining in a semi outdoor space. The master bedroom has a tucked away corner by the full height window bay that just gives the buyer his own sanctuary to relax or get inspired just before hitting the lights. We believe that having a large bedroom does not give you an excuse to get more furniture to cluster the space up, but rather to give a purpose to the space making it functional. Personality of Owner An avid traveller - photographer. The Family Living has been turned into memorabilia cum best-work display space. The owner frequently travels the world, part leisure and part work-related. His street photography and urban photography are appreciated by local and oversea travel magazines and you would see his works shared and sold in Shutterstock and Getty Images. On off days, he would chill at the Living Area with his family. And when there are guests, the dining table is large enough to accommodate many, followed by sharing his travels and works in the Family Living - sipping wine at the bar table whilst the ladies at the sofa. Times where he needs to tuck quietly aside to brainstorm for inspirations & ideas, his favourite spot would be the platform corner at the Master bedroom.

  • Light Light Desk
    The LIGHT LIGHT DESK is a product design conceived by Japanese and Swiss designers who visited their respective countries and engaged with local companies and manufacturers over the course of two Japan-Switzerland Design Workshops. The workshop in Switzerland was held at WOGG, a major systematized furniture manufacturer, and the workshop in Japan was held at Ishinomaki Laboratory, a group dedicated to the recovery of the Ishinomaki area following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The aim of the exercise was to mesh the cultures and values of both countries during said workshops. Torafu proposed the Light Light Desk, consisting of a light aluminium frame with a built-in LED light that makes use of WOGG's energizable sandwich panels. The result is a desk that is both lightweight and collapsible, and can easily be transported like a folding chair.

  • Nine to Five
    In this work of art, we not only show people's work and life situation, but also express their emotions and wishes. Nine to five people, like birds, yearn for freedom and the blue sky. These desires are the best things in life, and we want to integrate these desires into art. The author wants to show the busy and idle people in the city by means of the elastic picture, so as to relax and tighten up. In this work of art, we not only show people's work and life situation, but also express their emotions and wishes. Nine to five jobs and life are also stories and fun, and we try to capture the moments of warmth and joy, and the times of confusion and worry.

  • V2 Pavilion
    The project is 2017, Shanghai Hotel and commercial space engineering and design exhibition in a 80 square meters of exhibition hall, the organizers invited 21 hotel management group and design company to build a simulation model of the housing space in the designated area, the exhibition time is three days. In this space, the more desirable is to find a sense, create a relaxed, free, mysterious and comfortable space. Three days of exhibition time, immediately after the dismantling of the field, so do not want to spend too much money to complete a standard model. Recyclable, removable and relatively inexpensive building materials and exhibition site crowded environment has become a place to consider in the design. Finally chose the translucent advertising grid cloth and steel structure to build the facade of the house. Translucent enclosed space, effective separation of the exhibition crowd dense and messy environment, but at the same time indoor and outdoor people also feel each other, let the house form relatively quiet and independent space. A big ball with a concave and convex texture was placed in the space, and it formed a wonderful picture with the birds suspended in the sky. A soft bed, a comfortable desk, a beautiful sofa, a pure white environment, full of space poetic, every corner is a picture. According to the site, time and light changes, the indoor space will also change accordingly. At noon, the light from the outside of the building passed through the room, and the light became softer after the "harmony" of the translucent advertising cloth. The people in the room dimly saw the people walking outside, and the people outside could see the change of the house and the environment was very soft. The exhibition time is very short, only three days, and we need to do is like flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, is open, like the broad-leaved epiphyllum. The whole exhibition feels like life, and we work hard, but soon it will be dismantled, and everything will become an unforgettable process and a treasured memory.

  • Boutique Malle
    The project is imagined first as a shoebox volume slid into the ground floor of an existing ancient building in the Marais district of Paris. This box is designed so its fa?ade facing a busy shopping street is created as one total window. The inside space of this box is designed as a three-dimensional wooden grid that is carefully carved away to create a series of mysterious island and stalactite like elements that at once are shelves , tables and other equipment such as refrigerator or scenting columns. The inner sides: walls and ceiling of this space are designed to be mirrored stainless steel surfaces creating an effect of an endless complexity of virtual spaces reflecting the actual space of the spectator. One perfume bottle becomes a multitude of points within the city of light to be revealed and explored. Light is a vital component of this project. A careful collaboration was made with the lighting designers l’Observatoire. The way in which light was bought into the project was by creating a series of cuts in the walls behind the shelves as well as the ceiling suspended light. This light source is concealed through backlit translucide panels. The ceiling spot lights are treated as direct light and introduced by creating the same kind of cuts but open and revealed. Finally embedded shelf lighting underlights each individual bottle.

  • YunNanHong
    In China, Yunan province is a multi-national region, it has its own colorful national culture and traditional folk handcraft, especially in batik. (Batik is a kind of traditional textile printing and dyeing handcraft in minority area, they dip wax spatula into wax-melting to draw a pattern on fabric, and then use indigo to dip-dye the fabric, and the wax should be wiped off. ) This time, the red wine packaging design for Yunan , which is mainly focused on the technique of traditional batik and its unique modeling tactics, to draw an illustration of local humanity characteristic life picture. In the Dai nationality, it is believed that peacock is the kindest, smartest bird, peacock loves freedom and peace. It is a token of lucky and happy. So we combine Dai young girl with peacock modeling to draw an illustration for the main image. We use national features and regional features to strengthen the red wine brand, enhance its identifiability.

  • Hotel Mono
    Hotel Mono is a striking new landmark in the historic Chinatown area in Singapore, the result of an extensive refurbishment of six conservation shophouses, built in the early 1900s, by Spacedge Designs. For its first hotel project, the studio has transformed this once squalid budget hotel into a chic haven which radiates a minimalist, yet assertive design language. This fresh and unconventional design concept for heritage buildings was geared towards the hotel’s target market – social-media-savvy globetrotters who place a premium on design in their choice of lodging. The affordable room prices also strategically plugged a gap between the pricey boutique establishments and no-frills backpacker offerings in that area. Faced with poor site conditions, and time and budget constraints, Spacedge used a palette of simple low-cost materials in innovative ways to create high design value. Examples include the mosaic used in the bathrooms, which is also a nod to the history of the buildings; and the square black metal tube which travels through the white rooms like a line drawn in space. This also cleverly functions as a clothes rack and a lighting fixture, which is only possible due to advancements in LED technology. After its opening, a positive reception from hotel guests and the media alike have validated the firm’s proposal to shift away from a safe and predictable design concept towards a bold and innovative one. The minimalism of Hotel Mono have created a new design typology for small independent hotels as well as for heritage shophouses in Singapore.

  • Metaphorical form to architectural space
    In southern Italy, Apulia region, has a long history of the park is known as the site of an important archaeological significance. After the earthquake in thirteenth Century, the area was once one of the main ports in the area. In addition to a number of cultural relics, Rome architectural symbol of Apulia, land is still the early Christian Church of the ancient town as the most important that the area of the parish. At the site of this early church, the Italy artist Edoardo tresoldi built a memorial screen for the quality of the construction of such a small town. The sculpture, known as the cathedral, occupies vast space, light and transparency, and the resurrection of archaeological remains as a form of sculpture for visitors to experience and explore. The mesh metal layers overlap and overlap to form spongy arches, high columns and Rome roofs. Tresoldi and MiBACT (cultural heritage and activities department) and Prussian archaeological supervision, together with the archaeological background of contemporary art, join the ancient church in new life." "The work of Edoardo tresoldi has emerged as a magnificent architectural sculpture of some existing early Christian churches, while enabling the renewal of ancient and contemporary relationships," curator Simon Torotta said." This is a work that has broken down a long period of artistic controversy and summed up the two complementary languages. Turn into a fascinating landscape

  • Travel yellow rice wine in small package
    The history of the ancient city of Shaoxing: 2500, flyfox, Qingshiban, fenqiangdaiwa city style, mesmerizing. Culture: Heritage of ancient Yue culture scholars, delicate texture, Yellow Wine theater, the interpretation of the simple customs and attitudes. Ink Jiangnan, Yellow Wine: Yellow Wine. A quality suggestive of poetry or painting is good, drink more. A cup of Yellow Wine, a pinch of beans flavored with aniseed, with poetry, the dream of Shaoxing. Girls 200ml glass bottles, boys 250ml Lanting Pavilion stone money

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