Works Appreciation
  • The Sky Residence
    The Sky Residence Old Shanghai The main concept of this project is creating an old Shanghai theme by a contemporary design approach; the design contains many feminine elements to make the whole concept more attractive. This 2-stories apartment with 2 balconies is located at top of the building. For the layout it has divided into 2 main spaces: public and private. The 1st floor is more public with entrance, dining/living area, kitchen, maid’s room and balconies. The 2nd floor considers as a private area with a family room and 3 bedrooms. In both floors, the full-length windows fill most of the areas feeding off the interior with natural lights, ocean view and city skyline. Next to the living room, there is the big balcony that design as a relaxing area with jacuzzi, seating area and a decorative horse facing the outstanding view. The “Horse” element has continued showing at many spaces of the interior. According to Chinese culture, the symbol of the horse has a great deal of meaning and history, it represents power, success, nobility and luck. In the living area, the focal point is the red female painting on the wall, combing a great amount of flowers all over the space to enhance the feminine feeling and to layer the space. In order to achieve the design goal, the design style, color and decorations are mostly related to 1930s Shanghai era. The designer had also set up the newest smart home system to be technology modern within the retro Shanghai theme space.

    Architects reinterpret modern architectural aesthetics by means of extremely modern means, real structure and space. This kind of architecture, which originates from the inside and comes from the inside out, with its integrity and authenticity, gives architecture a moral and honest aesthetic feeling. This kind of architecture, based on the changing structural form, will function, space, material, structure and human beings. The blending and dialogues develop step by step so that everything in the building is beautifully displayed in natural light.

  • Kubo Fitness Club
    This is a LOFT full of city power. There are tall indoor spaces and unexpected innovations and space transformation. Project Description: The design inspiration of this project comes from the bridge pier. The pier builds up the ring line in the city, which represents strength, hard, pure and simple. More time emphasizes the pressure and boring of people's life in the city. It needs a way to produce a kind of lifestyle of the contemporary people. The space arrangement of Kubo Fitness Club is suitable in size, showing a rare sense of order and beauty. It is related to the control of the hue of the advanced grey and piano black. It is related to the material of mixed soil, plastic steel, cement brick and steel net, which is related to the new sports space that the young people want.

  • Sukhavati
    Up the stairs, a golden bear on the glass is peeping up on the glass. This is the blue bear created by Lawrence Argent in Denver Convertion Center in the United States. It is interesting to break the monotony of the corridor. The two light guides the entrance of two different regions. The left is the design department, designers raised the floor of the office area, hanging over the lamps and lanterns which can adjust the light color temperature and brightness according to the functional requirements. The following will be used as the storage room and the equipment, not only rich in the room and the equipment. The level of space, and the problem of acceptance. On the right is a completely white space made up of three separate spaces, and the center of vision is a multifunctional wooden box, the enclosure of which is in the form of a rectangular tube grille.

    In a showroom named "HOLFMANN", the designer also created a mysterious and fancy scene for six special crystal lamps, just like the Zone X in "Annihilation". Unlike the place of annihilation as depicted in the film, you'll find fascinating exotic symbiosis in different locations from different angles.In view of the characteristics of six crystal lamps, "HOLFMANN" is divided into 6 different functional areas by the delicately designed wall. Acting as both a host and a guest, each lamp gives the information to guide the viewer forward in each independent space. All bearing structure in the space was hidden in the wall. The brass finish with hand-made corrugated texture forms a wonderful sense of flow with light and shadow, as if the biological texture of the micro world linking the sky and the earth to spread vitality everywhere. The inlay of diamond surface in the cracks of wall and the built-in variable lamp belt conceals the gorgeous galaxy of the vast universe in it. The turquoise marble and sparkling crystal diamonds enhance the role of lighting creates a great energy field which is gaining momentum to show. While the free-curving wall functions as a spatial partition, it can also be seen as an independent artwork in space. Between the real and the imaginary, the surface of engraved copper wall provides the subliminal displacement guidance for the viewers who step into the space. Combined with the gorgeous agglomeration light effect of the main lamp of each area, a natural and smooth moving line comes out.

  • Tilt Series Bedroom furniture
    Tilt bed is made of oak and cotton string. Cotton string gives a possibility of soft feeling also a structure for the bed. The Tilt bed and nightstand use the element of "tilt"

  • Forest Villa
    location: Huzhou, Zeijizhang, China designer: Joerg Lonkwitz and team project type: Guesthouse for Hotel or Private Use description: 400sqm sized Guesthouse including a car park space and lift lobby in L1, Lobby, open kitchen, living room, terrace, guest toilet and one bedroom on L2, on L3 4 bedrooms with one bathroom each. The design is inspired by the location and the bamboo forest in which the villa stands. the hill is sliced up and the "forest" in form of spiral containing wooden longitudinal elements wrapped around. So the forest goes inside out and the spiral forms the circulation and organisational element in the floorplan. KEYWORD Boutique Hotel, Residence, Villa

  • Maui Pops
    Client: Popsicle store located in Maui Harbor Shops center (Maui island, Hawaii). The project has been initiated by the development company USAI Investments (Dallas, TX). Challenge: We had to develop brand concept and build the complex identity along with the interior design of the first outlet in the chain. Brand identity & interior design Branding was developed along with interior design — the core idea is a mixture of ethnic motives in a contemporary look and a colorful palette that suits bright Hawaiian spirit. The style started growing into something fun - new moves, fonts and other graphic solutions were added. The main Maui Pops character — the Tiki — meets the visitors inside the shop. He is a part of a phrase that combines words with symbols. We’ve added juicy fruit signs that demonstrate the variety of popsicle flavors. And the exit is through the gift shop as usual!

  • Let the Music do the Talking
    Every young man has dreamed of being in a rock band. The inspiration of this home comes from the client’s love of music. The designer brings in fun and whimsical elements to make this home resemble a music recording studio, letting the owner live his dream. Concealed doors are used in the entrance hall to create a white canvas for displaying the owner’s favorite movie posters. As you move into the living room, you are greeted by the owner’s impressive music console, the centerpiece of this space. A raised working platform allows the owner to be in the producer seat and provides plenty of shelfing space for his collection. The designer plays with different types of lighting to give the space a warm and fun feel. Ambient lighting along the ceiling and floor casts a warm glow. The aesthetic ceiling lamp above the dining room brings in a whimsical element. Large floor to ceiling windows allows in natural light. Even in the bedroom, the designer uses a folding headboard, allowing additional light to shine through when retracted. Let the Music do the Talking Playful Contemporary

  • GuangZhou Er Sha Island Future Education Hall
    Guangzhou ersha island future education center is located in the central city of guangzhou island, is a rich cultural flavor of the island. This project belongs to a high-end international kindergarten, is located in the ersha island cubic commercial buildings of the third floor, near the pearl river, standing on the balcony you can see the pearl river, is surrounded by green trees around, little traffic coming and going, the environment quiet and comfortable. Round view indoor space, lobby modelling is contracted, appear drop is easy, add furniture to use color simple and elegant, point dyeing gives capacious space feeling, reveal uncommon air. All space laid grain outstanding wood floor board, add a natural breath more, combine the green tree of outdoor space, make whole more comfortable freehand brushwork. Balcony by the designer to modify the outdoor flowers, jungle feel moved into the park, has become a child a small recreational area, children and teachers from the classroom li carefree belvedere, enjoy the freehand brushwork and peace. In addition, stylist begins from detail place, add rich simple sense for children toilet, bring natural and rich visual effect of administrative levels, playfulness is dye-in-the-wood.

  • PEARL Hotel brand design
    A hotel image that can make guests memorable

  • Light 4 Life
    The actual lifetime of the LED light bulb is less than the design lifetime. Though the LED unit has the longer life the power unit. If the power unit was failed the whole light bulb will be useless. However, the plastic parts and some electronic components still have value to use. This design sealed power unit and LED unit in two different modules, in this method maximized each parts lifetime. The new push-push socket simplified the installation process and avoid electronic shock. This design maximized each part's lifetime and give customers more option to choose, the modular design gives this light bulb extensibility. We also designed a conventional socket for the customer who is still using E26 socket. This design decreased wasting problem, maximized lightbulb's lifetime. The new push-push socket gives convenient for elder and people who have difficulty in moving. Based on structure demonstration,this product have massive production possibility. The target users are the household group and enterprise group. This design will impact the light bulb industry. The modular design and expand possibility will be an eye-catching point in the market.

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