Works Appreciation
  • ring pearl design
    My ring design is inspired by the natural flow of elements, and a combination of elasticity and simplicity, to bring the essence of the pearl without compromising the design part itself.

  • Garlic presser
    Range Open connect people and brands through design. Our inspiration comes from daily life. We hope to bring innovative products and user experience to the many. We found that some kitchenware is not genuinely user-friendly, such as the garlic presser. Women or the elderly have to press really hard to make garlic paste when using those garlic pressers in current market, so we take the opportunity and make the improvement in design. First you could put the product on the table with its plane base, gently press down and garlic paste comes out easily; Second, a panel is added so that the garlic paste could be easily scraped to the bowl, avoiding touching the ingredients with hands or other tools. The product is not only well designed in functionality and easy to use, but also well designed in appearance. The shape and the curve of the whole product is like an elegant swan.

  • Ningbo Yinzhou Civic Center
    The Ningbo Civic Center is an important public services building in the Yinzhou District, which is to become a new image for local governmental agencies. The program includes an administrative service center (including public services), public trading center, public affairs handling center, agency center, conference center, and a centralized archive center that will be occupied by roughly 550 employees and 3000 daily visitors.

    Hilive Nancuo's design style, interior decoration, continues the main white tone, adequate lighting and open vision, so that the space has a transparent texture, giving people a sense of relaxation. 16 rooms with different styles, net red sliding ladder parent-child room, two rooms and one hall lake view suite, large bed room with full transparent glass lake view balcony, 200 square waterscape, net red roof restaurant.

  • Realm of Transition
    With aspired admiration for the spirit of endeavoring through unchartered water of the renowned explorer, Magellan, the client wished to have the design of this office space based on the medieval nautical styling for this. With an environmental conservation theme, many recycled pallets were used to create a ship cabin office in transcending the nautical theme into an actual environment. The project was named, Realm of Transition, so that working is no longer mundanity but a bold endeavor, as the overall design theme was anchored on the symbolism of ships where different parts of the ships amalgamate with various parts of the office. As the light grey wall complements the corporate logo, many motifs symbolize the determination in transcending time while commencing such journey in the context of a medieval cabin filled with nautical elements of hemp rope, arched beam, round rods, canvas, ship side boards, and oak barrels, etc. With the office of the chairman featuring cabin handle and medieval nautical charts symbolizing the adventuring spirit of sailing through the unchartered water, while the design team has worked tirelessly on sustainable design with recycled timber pallets and disused oak barrels, etc., as well as high-tech print-out to replace actual timber materials.

  • Aoxin Holiday Hotel
    In " L'Entretien infini" Maurice Blanchot wrote, "What you desire to use the name of philosophy to imply - is essentially a perception of the unknown, or more generally a relationship with the unknown." The design of Aoxin Holiday Hotel is inspired by the wine hiding cave in Luzhou, a place that evokes a strong desire to explore. The mysterious natural cave arouses curiosity. The stones penetrate both inner and outer space, and the cracking gap, extended from the canyon, is like a gully on the rock wall, which creates a novel experience of walking from the cave to the canyon. At the end of the known and the unknown, it is the perception that lies in the middle. Open the door of self-perception until you see everything through a narrow crack. The lobby is a reconstruction of natural cave amongst which places a series of unconnected hollow stones. The unknown and unpredictable space inside the stones is released by excavating the holes, thus forming a relatively private and semi-invisible surroundings, which creates a continuous experience of opening and enclosing through the interior of the stone and the gap between the stone. The hotel recreates nature by natural stone and establishes a basic interface for the whole space, whose novel environment will generate experience in the form of memory recombination while evoking memory, thus making the relationship between people and space, space and space independent and interinfiltrated. These visual connections extend the concept of cave and local urban texture to the interior of the hotel, forming a unique cultural carrier in Luzhou. With this project we try to find the existing connection with all the nature of the substance in a deeper level such as texture and emotion. Also we try to understand the temperament of the project through the combination of various elements, not only through our vision, but also through all of the senses.

  • Oscar Crescent Resident
    This residence is situated next to and has the outstanding view of the Macau Jockey’ Club and nearby International Hotel Resorts. The owners, a 50 year-old married couple have requested a classy clubhouse style home to accommodate their friends and family. Thus, luxury of leisure space, superiority of materials and quality of finish are important elements of this project. The floorplan was restructured to create a leisure space area connected with the living/dining area along the balcony and full-length window taking full advantage of the natural light and amazing day and night view. The focal design element of this leisure space is the placement of golden bird cage lightings above the custom-made pool table. This idea was inspired by the owner’s hobby of having a pet parrot, which required a bird cage to house him, so such element is extended as part of the decorative idea. The overall color palate exudes luxury with the extensive use of palissandro blue marble, golden steel, soft shade of grey stone material boards and creamy color tiles. Also the master bedroom with fully equipped with a walk-in closet, make-up table, dressing area and bathroom to endorse a comfortable leisure lifestyle. Also the entire house is equipped with a smart house system and electronic curtain system at the owner's convenience.

  • Morgan
    Nestled between the seafront and the cityscape, this is a space where you can settle in, reveling in all the old-style charm, combined with but never contrasting the modern niceties that are all around you. Sophistication in glamour are on full display, and the colors all around are rich yet subdued, the navy blues giving way to the aquamarines to the calming greys. There is a sheen that seems to coat everything here, from flat surfaces to the air itself, so that in your eyes there is a persistent glow, one that seems to radiate all about and foster jubilation. Quiet and serene, cool and relaxed, always fun, always awake, this environment is equally suited to work and play.

  • Children's educational table and chairs
    Children's educational tables and chairs integrate the educational concepts of play and learning into products, and exercise children's logical thinking from painting to production. The product has a rotating table top that can be painted on the front and hand-made on the back. Stools can be used not only to store educational toys, but also for interesting DIY production. In terms of styling, using the design method of “foreign inner circle”, it shows the philosophical culture of “combination and difference” in China. Packing and transportation adopts environmentally-friendly paper and recycled wheat straw to prevent transportation collision, which is convenient for later recycling, reflecting the value concept of green environmental protection.

  • 4000HOTPOT
    Designed restaurant which has a special hotpot made up of highland ingredients combined to create a sense of future technology for the dining environment. ?Compared with a traditional hotpot restaurant, this new concept establishes otherness, freshness, and temporal and spatial illusions. The design refers to the future scientific and technological elements from the films: Star Wars, Planet Space, and Astronaut. Using a large quantity of flowing water, hierarchical clear curves and lines, integrated with strong deconstructive aesthetics these break the stereotypes in order to express the sense of the future. Moreover, mirror reflections, black mirror tiles, silver mirror stainless steel, water corrugated stainless steel and other materials are all for the benefit to create the effect of a inverted reflection in parallel space to enhance the sense of quality. ? The integration of light creates glowing shadows in parallel space, the scene composes to reality and virtuality, which greatly improves the entire space’s vertical feeling and visual impact, so that the space appears more magnificent with a very cool future aspect. When the customers experience interaction between the space and light, they will sink into deep consciousness of light and shadow with a subtle sense of charm. ? As we all know, the hall characterizes an important role for the restaurant. When you take the elevator up, six meters above the art hall, especially, when the elevator door opens at that moment you feel like you are trancing into alternative space and time, which have been embraced by the lights and shadows. The ceiling is designed by a geometric figure with silver mirror stainless steel mixed with curved lines, the wall inserts arcuate lines and elegant black mirror tiles, showing a contrasting image between the soft lines and rigid metal. ? From the art hall to the dining hall, the open view you can see the core of the "birdcage" and "wormhole”. The large private room is like a "birdcage" design, which is covered in stainless steel pipe. The ceiling has adopted water corrugated stainless steel, giving a sense of abstraction and fashion, this design alone has obtained praise from the younger generation. The other bright spot is the art tunnel that looks like a “wormhole” with a curved shape design to highlight expressionism and artistic creation. The purpose of this has two aspects. One the one hand, we want images of animals and the ecological environment, so more people can pay attention to the harmonious coexistence between “humans and the ecological environment" and “humans and animals". On the other hand, the living space in modern society suffers from many pressures which are indispensable, designed subjects are more interesting and make things interactive so that people have a new perspective in experiencing this visual magic. In the meantime, taking photos to share with family and friends. The enjoyment and inspiration can also release people’s everyday pressures and stress and help promote people’s love for art design.

  • Nanshanli Hotel, Chongqing
    Chongqing in our impression: the mountains rise and fall steeply, the mountains are foggy, and the bamboo forests are surrounded by clusters. Our inspiration source comes from the outline of mountains, fog, bamboo forests and sky clouds. We hope that we can reconstruct the outline between nature and the buildings. The material and form are between the buildings and nature, give the mountain a new level and give the buildings a more natural experience. The fog in the forest, we hope that this unique landscape can be viewed from every perspective of the architectural space. We hope that the relationship between the buildings and nature is symbiotic, so the materials we use and space experience are as simple as possible, original ecological. In building materials, we try to use local dry bamboo and brick, showing the effect of white walls, glass, plants, we hope that it is part of the mountains, rather than the miniature steel city in the jungle. In terms of space experience and lifestyle, we hope that it will also be presented as primitive as possible in the village state, farming, cooking.

  • Green Capital Yanming Sales Center
    ach city has its own exclusive landmarks, from Anzhen in Tokyo to Yangyun in Shanghai, all of which illustrate the design soul and the spirit of the times. Located in Yanming Lake Scenic Area, Zhengzhou, China, Yandu is the largest water area between Zhengzhou and the main part of the Yellow River Wetland. It is named after many wild geese in winter and spring. This may be the city we are pursuing. The Central Plains Anzhen This case reflects the essence of Anzhen Yimu, adding another color. Respecting the natural environment and adhering to the simple but unforgettable aesthetic principles, it continues the outstanding design style of the MAUDEA team for Green. The designer of this case tries to deeply explore the relevance of modernism in the current era and the geographical and cultural contexts, showing the beauty of architecture from the changes of light and shadow, and the more prominent the value in the washing of the years. Different forms have different forms and meanings. In the designer's view, the introspection experience of aesthetics and art, and the original spirit of intuition are the core of design, and gradually penetrate into the good conditions between the stone steps and the ancient forests. Urban texture.

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