Works Appreciation
The service robot BUDDY is an interactive intelligent robot that mainly serves the smart exhibition halls such as art galleries, museums and enterprise showrooms. Different from the traditional industrial-style robot modeling, BUDDY’s simple and generous image makes it more approachable. Based on the self-developed voice interaction system, BUDDY supports multiple rounds of Q&A interaction, professional response, answer with voice and picture, answer with video data, etc. It can also support more application scenarios by pre-configuring different Q&A libraries. When performing tasks in the exhibition hall, BUDDY's intelligent IoT system can integrate and control the equipment in the exhibition hall, including video screen, projector, audio, lighting, and air conditioner. In the actual use scenario, BUDDY also offers an active greeting, customer diversion, direction guiding, navigation and explanation. Through SLAM+VSLAM navigation technology, BUDDY can not only avoid obstacles independently, but also accurately and effectively lead customers to the designated location. Moreover, BUDDY features face recognition, automatic recharge and data analysis, further helping customers enhance operational efficiency and brand image.