Works Appreciation
Pink Fair of the New Craftsmen
The project is located on the B2 Floor, Beijing Fun, Beijing Municipality, covering an area of 240 square meters. The client TEAWITH hopes to create a special fair space for the “New Craftsmen”, where the craftsmen can share their products and various lifestyles. Based on this consideration, we divide the pink fair into two regions that one is the cloister-style exhibition area, and the other is a sharing area nesting in the center. There are in total 8 exhibition areas containing 10 booths, for exhibiting the new craftsmen’s products and information, those exhibition areas are not only independent but also connected with each other, surrounding the sharing area. Wandering carelessly in this space, you might find surprises by a special view. The sharing area will be used as the public living room which is open to the new craftsmen and people who come to the fair; everyone can share their ideas here. Meanwhile, the sharing area and the exhibition area are not completely separate, they are partly covered by the wall so that privacy is protected. The whole exhibition space is open and flowing. The inspiration for the fair design is derived from the thinking of the classical Chinese garden. Seeking the imagery of the gardens, we try to create a multiple experience of the human body through the change of the walls, which have cover and penetration, constriction and unfolding; and people can sit or enjoy a distant view from a height. Space is strewn at random and mixes reality and fantasies together so that abundant walking path and line of sight relationship are created, enabling people entering it to walk, watch, visit and live. The mobility of space increases the advantages of the business location, and also allows people to meet unexpectedly and share freely here.