Works Appreciation
Bobbot steam mop
Bobbot steam mop adopts an integrated design to equip its body with a water tank and evaporator. Such a compact design enables a light and slim mop body, making it easy to use even by children. Made of circular interface plus rounded elements, the product presents a more round and full shape with affinity. Moreover, the circular interface features a real-time display of steam temperature change, enhancing the sense of human-computer interaction. The handle conforms to ergonomics and is equipped with all the switches, allowing control of all functions by one hand and switch of the three-gear steam by with one button. Function: the unique heating structure design allows the temperature to reach 130℃ rapidly and produces steam in 15 seconds, and it is not easy to generate scale; the microcomputer intelligent chip control can automatically detect the temperature inside the evaporator, thus ensuring a continuous and uniform output of steam and enhancing the steam utilization rate; the unique heat flow guiding layer of the cloth can evenly transmit the steam to all parts of the surface; the ultra-thin thickness of 5mm makes the steam easier to penetrate and improves the decontamination ability; the runway-shaped visual water tank facilitates users to observe the remaining water; the design of cloth replacement with footstep can relieve users’ pain of waist. And the upright design also facilitates product placement.