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Sleeping capsule packaging
The packaging uses 80% sugarcane pulp and 20% wood pulp. The combination of the two fibers constitutes a more resilient packaging. It not only effectively protects the product inside, but also can be biodegradated. The unique capsule shape complements the brand concept of "Your Sleep Capsule". It is significantly distinguished from the packaging of other pillows on the market, which makes a deep impression on consumers. Its high resilience against collision deformation effectively cushions the product inside from being damaged and reduces the damage rate of packaging. Furthermore, it is 18% smaller by volume than rectangular carton packaging so that more products will be loaded onto a truck. This will lower transportation costs, reduce carbon emissions, and save packaging materials. The element of the capsule runs through the entire design. When modifying the packaging, only the paper tape needs to be modified according to the theme activity design. This gives it a strong versatility. The ready-to-use roll-packed packaging makes the pillow free of the physical structure damage, which avoids the slow rebound of pillows used vacuum packaging, and giving users a better experience. The capsule-shaped packaging box leaves out the folding step in the ordinary packaging process and can be easily closed with the capsule buckle. As a result, it significantly improves the packaging efficiency and saves labor costs. In addition, the flat-cutting process used for the packaging produces only 1/4 offcut of that of the general ring-cutting process, thus reducing the paper waste. The paper tape ink adopts environmentally friendly corn ink that has passed the test of the EU packaging standards. The packaging is beneficial to the environment, the user, the brand, and the manufacturer, and meets the requirements of sustainable development.