Works Appreciation
Nancheng Impression
The core of Nancheng Impression's interior design is to create an advanced home space integrating Chinese and Western elements, which can create a calming sensory experience. Therefore, the designer chooses the calm, elegant and easygoing gray as the main tone of the whole design. Featuring a certain high-class sense, this versatile tone is well-matched with most colors. The designer arranges the living room with a tea table that imitates Chinese-style landscape painting and western-style cloth sofa, a bronze horse with a strong Chinese flavor and an Italian handmade armchair to embody the concept of the combination of Chinese and Western elements. For the dining room that shares the same circulation as the living room, the designer blurs the boundary between the two rooms by removing the partition wall through asymmetric design and hollowing-out manner, making the dining room look broader without appearing too rigid and monotonous. As for the guest room design, inspired by Chinese ink wash painting, the designer turns the “scholar's four jewels” (writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper) into a bedside table, chandelier, windowsill and bedside decoration.