Works Appreciation
The Princess and the Pea
Unlike conventional sex toys with undisguised appearance, this suction vibrator helps effectively reduce sexual shame and anxiety in novices with its elegant shape. The design is inspired by the pea which makes it hard for a princess to fall asleep from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales and is used as an embodiment of erotic suggestion. It is small enough to hold in a single hand, which is designed to show that female users are in control of their sexuality to reduce their sense of shame. The product’s curves fit the female body, with its subtle pea shape better ensuring users’ privacy. It is made of the skin-friendly soft silica gel material, while the texture of the suction nozzle is made of harder silica gel, delivering a strong sense of pleasure to users. The product is designed for wireless charging, whose fully enclosed and seamless appearance allows it to be highly waterproof and easily cleaned. It has a wireless charging organizer, with a deep ultraviolet sterilizing lamp inside to thoroughly clean the product and ensure its hygiene. The organizer can also be used as a night light, whose soft warm light can create an ambiance, so that users can enjoy a more immersive and comfortable sexual experience.