Works Appreciation
A 540-square-meter Duplex Penthouse in Royal Bay: Simplicity is beauty, interpreting design and life
In recent years, as the Danshari method came into fashion, more and more people now yearn for a lifestyle of “living with less”. The chief designer has a preference for minimalism, and while he pursues the pure artistic beauty of his works, he also expresses his thoughts on the true meaning of life in a design language: simplicity is beauty. On the basis of breaking the original functional layout, the designer removed the traditional foyer, set a leisure area in the front hall and connected the living room and dining room, in order to create a lifestyle By moving the living balcony to the second floor, there is more room for an open kitchen area on the first floor. The kitchen island is used to accommodate daily kitchen utensils, and can also be transformed into a cooking platform, dining cabinet, bar counter, dining table, etc. It can also serve as a partition between the open kitchen and the living room. When going up the stairs, the multi-level terrace on the mezzanine embraces the city’s widest and best view of Rongjiang River, enabling occupants to enjoy the beauty of both sides of the river and Jieyang City. The master bedroom also uses large areas of floor-to-ceiling windows, original wood-colored wooden floors, and dark-colored curtains and bedding to create a calm and quiet atmosphere and the most comfortable resting space. In order to satisfy the client couple’s habit of hanging clothes, the designer opened up an exclusive dressing room between the master bedroom and bathroom to accommodate personal belongings and clothing. The wooden glass wardrobe is decorated with metal, presenting a classy and homey feel. Enjoy luxury in the private space! In addition to comfort and beauty, more attention has been paid to the whole-hearted enjoyment and experience. Every function of the bathroom: the double basins, bathtub, shower, toilet, etc., is all partitioned and independent. Under the concerted cooperation of the designer and the client couple, this minimalist and beautiful work realizes perfect completion. It interprets a lifestyle of “living with less”, yet without losing the goal of life, to seek freedom, and to pursue the most important things in life. This is the minimalist family lifestyle, which is “simpler is classier”.