Works Appreciation
Yizheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Care Center full of traditional culture and humanistic concern The design of Yizheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is the interpretation of refining and inheriting Chinese culture, urban culture and traditional Chinese medicine culture. On the basis of meeting the functional requirements of the residence, the aesthetic of the internal and external space of the hospital can be unified by simple and artistic methods. The beauty of the design not only lies in the space layout, but also in how to create an atmosphere conducive to the rehabilitation of patients, how to truly bring positive psychological experience to users and how to embody humanistic care. From the perspective of culture, we focused more on the typical elements of "Jiangnan culture" to enrich the design in a more enlightened, activated and culture-driven way. The architecture itself follows the highly respected Chinese design concept of " the dome-like heaven embraces the vast earth ", and dramatically summarizes the philosophy of " man is an integral part of nature" and "connection of all things" in the Oriental culture. The grey and white facade is reminiscent of Yizheng’s waterside scenery with white walls and black tiles. The building of hills and waters and the setting of the overhanging eaves in traditional Chinese garden makes the hospital isolated from the outside world and is beneficial to the comfort of patients. A circular skylight was opened in the center of the hospital lobby. The sunlight poured down was spread on the herringbone tiles, arousing people's memory of walking on the bluestone path in the water town. There is small area of gray shade in the warm white wall, echoing the water town charm. The outline of thread bound books of traditional Chinese medicine is used to form clear and easily distinguishable graphic marks. It is in this combination of light and shadow, the poetic and intelligent beauty of the space is created. Taking "kindness" and "beauty" as the theme, the idea of physical and mental healing is carried out to the extreme, triggering people to be more closely connected with the environment. Stay true to the original design intention of "people-oriented", the hospital is harmoniously integrated with the local cultural and spirit to bring more warmth, thus making it get rid of the coldness of the traditional hospital, and become a cozy home for both medical care and cultural resonance.