Works Appreciation
Mo· Office
This is our new office environment in the post-epidemic era. After completing the components of the new members, we are full of hope and enthusiasm for design. We embark on a new journey with professional awe and set sail for Yang Fan. ?The future is unfamiliar? The future is uncertain. The future is as changeable as ink. It is natural to walk on white paper? Free and easy, unchanging in response to the ever-changing rhythm, leaving a strong stroke? Like design in space and time Wandering, depicting the "colorful" space spirit ?? Therefore, we have implanted oriental elegance and implicit temperament into the office space with modern expression techniques, creating an unprecedented oriental charm. Use avant-garde ideas to abandon the traditional office form, and constantly collide to produce a new and extremely vigorous new office space. Organize the office space to continue the business temperament and natural spirit. This limited space includes a private area for office, meeting and reception. People and space pursue the essence of space, and the office environment is to provide people with an environmentally friendly, safe, energy-saving, convenient, healthy, and comfortable indoor space. The "intention" of the Mido design team is through concepts and elements. Ingeniously fusion, a charming painting of "ink and ink" is written. Just as the poet Yu Liangneng of the Song Dynasty said: "The fish and birds are in the blue sky and the clouds are in the water and ink". With its natural, harmonious, clean and simple style, the designer has created a three-dimensional structure and a richly layered variable space, conveying tranquility but not losing its tranquility, allowing everyone in it to perceive return in a generous office atmosphere Naturally, it makes the heart pure and peaceful "atmosphere and elegance". The entire space is consistently cut with lines and designed by borrowing sceneries. In addition to the green vitality in the eye, the design and composition of different geometric forms and the use of contrast between lines and surfaces meet the daily office needs. It also provides private time for meeting and reception. The collision and convergence of the new and the old, the tradition and the new life make the communication in the space free, relaxed and natural, and give people a fashionable space texture under the Chinese artistic conception. In addition, the indoor space makes full use of outdoor light as a carrier to derive changeable line art, which blends with the contemporary calligraphy installations, details, and glass partitions in the space ceiling, and integrates contemporary art in the context of form and life. In order to explore the boundary of sensory cognition and imagination space, it is simple and ethereal. Under the combination of online and virtual reality, the designer uses the artistic expression of nature and light and shadow in the space to visually create the skin texture and breath of the space, conveying the Chinese national charm in the bones. Under the most basic line structure crisscrossing, the use of wooden furniture gives people a comfortable and natural feeling.