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Intelligent monitoring breast health underwear
This bra perfectly matches with smart devices to enable the intelligent monitoring of breast health in a non-invasive, non-radioactive and non-pressure manner, providing dynamic and timely early warnings of breast health problems, which would not have been possible under traditional medical conditions. Equipped with one-piece molding technology, it is simple and maintains high-tech qualities. The fabric can be stretched to 360 degrees with ease to better fit the breast curve. The nylon, polyester and spandex blend is light and comfortable to wear during the day and night, thus realizing real-time breast health management at home. Based on the Nobel Prize-winning research theory of “human circadian rhythms”, the micro temperature and humidity sensor are used to monitor the rhythm changes of breast temperature and humidity in real-time. The advanced algorithm is adopted to build a continuously optimized database on breast cancer information gleaned from the monitored dynamic data. Experiments showed that the system has achieved industry-leading accuracy and sensitivity in testing. The reports following the big data comparative analysis can be presented visually on the App, so that users can stay informed about their breast health anywhere, anytime, therefore relieving the psychological pressure of female patients on being checked by medical institutions. Moreover, the removable micro temperature and humidity sensor can be tied to multiple people and shared with family members, easing the family’s financial burden. The detachable design also makes it easy to change and wash. By virtue of accurate data analysis and reports, the bra provides a breast monitoring solution that most people can afford. It raises public understanding of and attention to breast cancer, and helps awaken women’s awareness of breast self-examination.