Works Appreciation
"Heavenly Clouds" Lakeside Life Aesthetics Museum
The project was completed on the basis of the old building. The design team rethinked and defined the facade of the original building, and the internal space was reconstructed like a nirvana. Echoing Xiamen’s unique land and sea forms with art, architecture, design, and environmental elements, a lakeside life aesthetics museum is created to be a syncretic designed building gathering brand display, marketing reception, art exhibition, and salon sharing functions. The architectural silhouette of the project outlines the shape of the landscape with curves.The atrium is based on the hinterland of the canyon, with layers of bookshelves forming a winding wall, creating a landscape of mountains and mountains. The glass skylight introduces a large amount of natural light, which refracts into a beautiful water pattern and ripples. The project integrates Xiamen’s local culture and natural landscape features, conveys the spiritual essence of livable life, uses design language to expand space possibilities, and creates a lakeside life aesthetics museum.