Works Appreciation
Fun Factory - A Comedy Experimental Theater
It locates at the central area of Shanghai Xujiahui. Since it is the first attempt to build the connection between offline and online resources, we treat it as a meaningful role, working as a brand-new commercial exploration of talk show culture and the establishment of a new comedy theater conceptual model. As for the functional requirements, bring the culture of talk show and giving the performance to the mass would be the core content. At the same time, we also have the attributes of a small scene comedy theater, interviews, screening halls, exhibitions, retail and social venues, even though the area is only 100 square meters. In the theater design, corresponding scenes are preset for temporary site attributes and applications in various unknown scenes, which give the space a possibility for self-renewal. Stand-up shows and comedy performance would always be the main function in this design. we interviewed many well-known actors in order to meet their environment requirements. We try to avoid as much interference factors that disturb performer and audience as possible, such as redundant light. At the same time, from a wider public perspective, we create a popular cultural product with affinity and interest.