Works Appreciation
Projects for private apartment, the owner as a promising young man, with his girlfriend to work in Shanghai, a year back home a few days, so on the function layout design localization, the use of house life cycle is divided into three stages. The first stage, the parents live, at the same time, after you come back to meet their temporary living condition; The second stage, because the future may be used as a marriage room, on the function of space design, consider the situation when the couple married after living, second bedroom as the main form a complete set of bedroom space, meet the demand of locker room empty can and can become parents visiting temporary living space; After the third stage, had children, the second bedroom with the functional requirements of children room again. The above three stages, to meet the living at the same time, receive, and different people, different stages of usage. Space is carrying us for life, for home, for the pure in heart. This project even more so, the use of diversified stages, representing the communion space, and according to the characteristics of space main user owner, we bold breakthrough, from the layout to color, from material selection to art, we strive to achieve perfection. Whole works like a deck of art paintings, light pen, plain coloured space clean and tidy, not genuine not artificial, such as clean over-the-knee, no trace; Emerging gradually thick and ink, artistic conception, the Italian classic furniture and tie-in combination, from guest dining room to the bedr