Works Appreciation
In the middle of the city, it is located in a secluded area, which is separated from the downtown area and the downtown area by natural buildings. Adhering to the modern simple technique and integrating the praise of the original form in the traditional Japanese aesthetics, the log color is used to show the unique texture of the material, so as to praise the natural form and create a clean and clean feeling. Light color fabric sofa with flannel texture, hand woven wool carpet, black element straight line, and simple lamps and lanterns are matched with each other to give a clean and elegant feeling, making the home always exude comfortable, quiet and warm. On the basis of using logs to build the original sense of space, we simplify the decoration, make it solid with empty space, and use a large area of blank state, without too much deliberate decoration, to create a simple and orderly indifference. It is the same with the so-called light body and mind. While emphasizing the simplicity and abstraction of space form and objects, the design also pays more attention to the relevance of objects. The placement of each object has been carefully considered and the significance of the object when it is related to space. It is also good to abandon the sofa in the living room of the conventional residence and share the delicious food with the dining room in the open multi-functional hall; children no longer watch TV and play in