Works Appreciation
ZXD&GZ Office
Pivot of Creation—ZXD&GZ Office Archimedes once said :" Give me a pivot, I can prize up the earth." This is the same to creation. Good ideas can double the value of a space. Between gray and black, a touch of orange-yellow will become the finishing touch, be active, be the pivot of creation, or be the inspiration source. It will also be the soul of the space. Herm è s Orange is born with a sense of high quality, and giving the single office space to gradation and style, while the warm tone of the decoration adds a few warm and sweet feeling, create a sense of affinity in calm and serious… At the porch, the light as a pen, outlines the flowing door path, fascinating. After the hall door, as the eyes can see, advanced gray-based tone, bar background wall, and popular Hermè s orange in front of your eyes. The reception area adopts sinking design to create a core area of immersion experience. Looking through the bar, the orange pivot device is hidden in a corner, cute and fit like a glove, breaking the stuffy space and making the atmosphere lively. Echoing the reception area, the bar channel is designed to make the whole space fluctuate and change. Pick up the steps to the director's office. Above the corridor, the corrugated ceiling creates a sparkling water reflection effect, reflecting the flame of the fireplace. The director's office uses the minimalist design of the main gray tone, emitting reason, tolerance and thinking. The existence of orange pivot represents overturn, creation and maverick.