Works Appreciation
Harbin Heyue Mansion sample room
This project is located in Daoli District of Harbin and belongs to the high-end residential area of Harbin. In this project, the designer uses the simple and minimalist aesthetics of the Song Dynasty to show the space, requiring absolute simplicity, extending the design of the entire space with the simplicity of circle, square, plain color and texture. The white clean facade of the interior space and the beige ink-like marble background wall are based on the minimalist style. There are not too many materials and elements, and enough space for soft decoration is reserved for interactivity. The Song dynasty painted with ink and burned monochromatic Ru kiln porcelain, so we used the sky blue color of Ru kiln, the head of northern celadon and the crown of five famous kilns, as the main color of the space. The combination of white gray and azure color creates a mood of "azure and other smoke and rain" in the entire space. The overall space design uses different materials to make a perfect fusion, and cleverly uses the differences to divide the functionality of the area. The flowing glass divides the space area and adds the visual concept of the open space. The large-area glass windows in the living room warm the space temperature under the refraction of sunlight, and also enhance the comfort of one's own soul. MERCEDES BENZ's sofa is flexible in the space, extend.