Works Appreciation
Taoyuan Greentown
This case is inspired by the culture and aesthetics of the Republic of China period. In this project, the "Republic of China" is a space that seems to be infinitely retrievable, from one to the other, from here to another, from now to the past. "Western Tide and New Tide", "Upper Society", and "Traditional Beauty and Modern Beauty" have become the subject terms of the project creation, which interprets the characteristics of the era of the Republic of China: the entry of Western culture has changed from silky threads to tides. Cultural forms are all infiltrated with Western colors; beauty and cruel history are interdependent. For the most part, the style of the Republic of China is the beauty of landlord, comprador and upper-class intellectual society. On the one hand, it is the feudal era of closed country while on the other hand is the violent involvement of the Western world. Social culture presents unprecedented openness and integration. The designer has completed the image of the era of the Republic of China style from multiple dimensions in terms of architectural form, space atmosphere, object story and identity, constructing the link of contemporary life.