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Fragrance Beads Packaging
The outer packaging design of the product is inspired by the warm scene of families helping each other to wash clothes and the functional characteristics of fragrance beads for laundry. In studying the packaging design intention of fragrance bead products available in the market, the designer finds that today’s busy and complicated modern society breeds people more pursuing aesthetics of conciseness, quietness and warmth. The product is in the shape of clothes simplified from the image of a hug. It symbolizes the care for the family and visualizes the function of the product. The plump shape in white appearance is full of affinity, implying that the product can make people embrace with a light faint scent. The ribbon design at the collar also adds a touch of spirituality to the overall design style. This series is designed with four fragrance types. Products of different fragrance types are distinguished by white beads capsules plus varied colors of the beads. In appearance, the designer matches the ribbon and font color with the fragrance bead color, enabling users to identify the fragrance by the color. Blue represents marine fragrance; pink implies flower fragrance; beige indicates fruity fragrance; and purple stands for plant fragrance. The bottle cap can be used as a measuring cup, each about 15 grams, so that users can decide the number of fragrance beads as per their personal preferences. The adopted HDPE material brings a wax touch, thus enabling girls to easily unscrew the bottle cap. The product features simple workmanship production and enjoys good airtightness and recyclability function. Also, the opaque design prevents the light from volatilizing the aroma and prolongs the shelf life.