Works Appreciation
Nanjing Liuhe LongHu BONA International Cinema
Project Overview: Project location: 4th and 5th floor, Shidai street, Longhu, Liuhe District, Nanjing Project scale: the design area is 4502 square meters with 1441 seats Completion date: December 2019 Team mumber:Tao Meng ,Zhijun Xiao Design Description: The project is located in the of the Tianjie street commercial area, Longhu, Liuhe District, Nanjing. The rolling Yangtze River has bred and cultivated the Jinling weather of the Six Dynasties ancient capital. The profound historical accumulation and vigorous economy make this important hub of the Yangtze River Economic Belt look like a bright pearl and gather energy from all directions.Based on the location of the project and the cultural characteristics of the users, we hope that the works can learn from the surging spirit of the Yangtze River and echo the spirit of BONA's theme of "embracing all rivers". The space should be the bearer of these cultures, and all images should be carried out around such a theme.