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Visual impression brand visual image design
As a company engaged in video shooting and commercial photography, Visual Impression Photography has maintained an upward trend in recent years. Taking graduation photos during the graduation season of college students every year is the most impressive time for them. When we started the design, we wanted to make the design meet the aesthetic needs of contemporary college students and reflect the accumulation of campus culture. It also gives people a sense of trust in commercial design. At the same time, visual logic and order are formed through the combination of concise and clear visual layout and logos. How to embody the "soul" of a camera? I think that is the camera lens (circle) and shutter (square). Set identification and trend culture as the two major prerequisites for system construction; use fluorescent colors to highlight detailed information on top of the main colors of black and white; in terms of material selection, use rare paper similar to plastic, which is not only flexible, bright, and tactile Has also been strengthened. It fully meets the basic needs of customers who want to form a huge contrast with the common expression methods of traditional media.