Works Appreciation
With the theme of "DISCOVER OXME", Boling Shenzhen International Furniture Fair rediscovered Aomu. We tried to explain the story of products and interior spaces with brand positioning. Different scenarios and spaces each narrate elegant stories. Through the name "Floating" The art installation of Aomé floats and stops the time of Aomi, allowing customers to place in the space and experience the eternal time with a purer state of mind. Home is a state of ideal life, and the breadth of design is rooted in the ability to shape an ideal life. "Discover Aomme" is an exhibition project. The designer cuts the architectural thinking into the space for transformation, rhythmic light and shadow, and pluck the quiet heart in the noisy space. The nature is planted in the indoor space, and the leisurely picture of the light reflecting the leaves is played through the sunshine board. Each scene can feel the silent dialogue between the product and nature, and the space gives them a place to listen to and perceive each other. The dappled light and shadow turn into silent language, allowing light to talk to different spaces, obtaining a kind of surprise and satisfaction, and walking here is full of fun. Taking light and shadow as the design concept, shaping the shape and deriving the meaning, integrating the shape of modern design, to present a highly integrated work of architecture, interior space, and products, expressing the restraint aesthetics in the contemporary humanistic context. The designer expresses the beauty of the space from the changes of light and shadow, and creates a unique personality in one retractable room, making the space a story. "Everyone returns to themselves in their homes." The poet Rene Char likens the experience of the space at home to travel in the world. "Floating" is based on Liyuan. It is like stardust, floating in a gap in the air. Time condenses the second hand on the purest starting scale. Combining space, responding to reality and reality. "Floating" hopes that by condensing the trajectory of time, people can slow down, perceive the traces of time passing through the gap, think about time while walking, and discover the traces of beauty from the heart, which is also the source of inspiration for "discovering arrogance".