Works Appreciation
In order to let every bride-to-be feel the ultimate aesthetics of wedding dresses and enjoy the happiness moment from the space ,the New Wish is created by white element all the way from design to construction. With a glance, your heart is filled with yearning by the space. From design to material selection, the whole process is meticulously crafted. The external use of the interior space enhances the sense of space and ductility of the facade. There are three box-shaped spaces extended to outside, which bring a strong visual impact while displaying the wedding dresses. The inclined gray concrete columns symbolize the solemn and elegant Greek temple, highlight the ritual sense of the wedding dress. The semi-dangling revolving crystal staircase is brilliant and imaginative. When the gorgeous trailing tail of dresses flows on the stairs as the bride walking downstairs, the image is breathtakingly beautiful. The minimalist、pragmatism and perfectionist are reflected in every single detail, including the cutting surface of each brick and the angle of each beam light. By the inspiration from countless discussion, the design make the space as close as possible to perfect. In this dreamy and ceremonial wedding hall, every independent space is splendid, and every detail last exquisite as time passing, just like a delicate and luxurious wedding dress, satisfying all your illusions about happiness. The city is full of hustle and bustle at night, and we are trying to make it more refined and majestic.