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The Little Follower
The Little Follower is a portable outdoor fascia gun. Its compact size makes it easy to carry for users. The exterior is processed with a fine-grained frosted effect, and the electroplating technology is adopted at its joints to lend a touch of modernity. The product is made of biophilic metal, and its handling angle has been specially designed to provide a comfortable grip. Equipped with four replaceable heads, this fascia gun provides users with protection for muscles throughout their physical exercise. It also has a massage head with an EMS low-frequency electronic pulse, triggering muscle contractions by mimicking the signals of muscle bioelectricity, which further helps expel lactic acid accumulated during the workout, stimulate muscular energy, relieve muscle inflammation, and thus reduce sports injuries. The product can awaken muscles to the maximum extent to enhance users’ athletic performance before the exercise, after which it also provides effective assistance to users in losing fat, shaping figures, and exercise rehabilitation. LED light is installed at the bottom with the illumination mode and flashing SOS distress call mode, offering emergency lighting help to outdoor users. The ventilation hole is hidden under the etched metal mesh at the tail to dissipate heat effectively. The product works on indoor sports, sedentary office jobs, outdoor mountaineering and a variety of other sports settings.