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GuangZhou Er Sha Island Future Education Hall
Future Education Hall
Guangzhou ersha island future education center is located in the central city of guangzhou island, is a rich cultural flavor of the island. This project belongs to a high-end international kindergarten, is located in the ersha island cubic commercial buildings of the third floor, near the pearl river, standing on the balcony you can see the pearl river, is surrounded by green trees around, little traffic coming and going, the environment quiet and comfortable. Round view indoor space, lobby modelling is contracted, appear drop is easy, add furniture to use color simple and elegant, point dyeing gives capacious space feeling, reveal uncommon air. All space laid grain outstanding wood floor board, add a natural breath more, combine the green tree of outdoor space, make whole more comfortable freehand brushwork. Balcony by the designer to modify the outdoor flowers, jungle feel moved into the park, has become a child a small recreational area, children and teachers from the classroom li carefree belvedere, enjoy the freehand brushwork and peace. In addition, stylist begins from detail place, add rich simple sense for children toilet, bring natural and rich visual effect of administrative levels, playfulness is dye-in-the-wood.