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Light 4 Life
Smart LED light bulb
The actual lifetime of the LED light bulb is less than the design lifetime. Though the LED unit has the longer life the power unit. If the power unit was failed the whole light bulb will be useless. However, the plastic parts and some electronic components still have value to use. This design sealed power unit and LED unit in two different modules, in this method maximized each parts lifetime. The new push-push socket simplified the installation process and avoid electronic shock. This design maximized each part's lifetime and give customers more option to choose, the modular design gives this light bulb extensibility. We also designed a conventional socket for the customer who is still using E26 socket. This design decreased wasting problem, maximized lightbulb's lifetime. The new push-push socket gives convenient for elder and people who have difficulty in moving. Based on structure demonstration,this product have massive production possibility. The target users are the household group and enterprise group. This design will impact the light bulb industry. The modular design and expand possibility will be an eye-catching point in the market.