Works Appreciation

Located at Itaim Bibi, in S?o Paulo, Social Tailors is anagency specializing in digital media. SuperLim?o Studio was commissioned to propose a project for the company's

new headquarters that would transform the workspace into a place for sharing knowledge, whose main objective was to keep the team connected and integrated. For this, each space was designed and detailed doing everything tailored. With approximately 250 m2 and all designed in BIM, the program predicted the following spaces: open space work area, meeting rooms, decompression area, Phone Booth, bathrooms and canopy. Just after the entrance hall is the distribution of all circulations and the whole program becomes perceptive. For the area of decompression was developed a multipurpose mobile that allows different configurations and interactions between people. A grandstand that works as a presentation space for all staff, support benches and tables at different heights to work with. In addition, it creates an environment for meetings and quick ideas that do not require the use of meeting rooms. To divide this volume of the circulation of the canopy and bathrooms were developed panels of felt and designed and made by SuperLim?o.